The Goon Squad

Having been unable to shake the amphibious creature that has latched onto our group, and having failed to convince it to eat that kid Data who wanted to put me in a cage, we have resolved to simply ignore it and continue trying to find our way to the pirate treasure. Unfortunately, after being plunged into the underground pool, we have become disoriented in the tunnels; but finally we find a shaft leading to the surface, which allows us to get our bearings. And also, perhaps, to get lunch.

The creature claims to know how to get to the pirate treasure! It leads us deep into the dark tunnels, our trip to In-N-Out Burger sadly forgotten; and all seems well until, to my horror, I realize that we are going to have go in the water again. With no alternative, I reluctantly paddle out to the pirate ship along with the others.

Upon boarding the ship, I follow the leader of the Goonies, Mikey, to the cabin where One-Eyed Willie waits with his long-forgotten hoard, where I discover that the pirate treasure consists of more than just gold and jewels.

As we begin hauling treasure up to the top deck, it appears that our quest has reached a successful conclusion; but suddenly, disaster strikes! We have been being followed this whole time by the sinister Momma! She plans to take the treasure for herself and take us on a nice walk, which at first sounds like a reasonable trade; but then, to my horror, I discover the true meaning of walking the plank.

If I am forced to walk the plank, my rawide will get all soggy! Will Momma get away with this? Can I convince her to throw Data in first? This adventure is not over yet … because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

18 thoughts on “The Goon Squad

  1. Avast Behind!! When The Labradors get old and lazy they let the puppy chew the rawhide bone first and then when it is soggy enough they reclaim it and eat it up. Poor puppy, she doesn’t miss out though. My word that green monster looks like a bright Silurian.


  2. The only way wawhide should get wet is in youw mouf and not in the slimy watew..Don’t jump Dennis

    Happy Halloween to all of you
    smoochie kisses


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