The Butter Box Blues

"Butter box?"
Just call me "Jaws".
"An empty box?"
"Call me when you have a full one."
"Smells ... like ... BUTTER!"
nom nom nom nom
"Perhaps I was a bit hasty before ..."
"It does smell like butter, with undertones of cardboard, glue, and wax paper."
"Now, to hide it from Tucker!"

26 thoughts on “The Butter Box Blues

  1. Fun! I love butter boxes! But, I’m not very particular — I love all kinds of cardboard. Empty Spaghetti boxes, empty cereal boxes, empty paper towel rolls…



  2. Oh Tucker and Dennis….that butter box looks tasty! Anything with butter or that once held butter is a winner! 😉 I like to also operate on toilet paper and paper towel tubes. hehehe!



  3. Hmmmm, we have never tasted a butter box, but we are like our Mom – we LOVE butter. But have you seen the price on butter lately??? What’s up with that – it is out of sight!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  4. Oh Tucker is so cute!! That packet had no hope. I like the way Dennis changed his mind!! Your butter comes in boxes?? Wow!! The Labradors prefer yoghurt containers. We don’t have butter in boxes.


  5. *snicker* Dennis reminds me of Phillip the Hyper Hypo there in the video. All that’s missing is a crash helmet while Tucker is chewing his way to Nirvana! They’re just too cute! Especially Dennis’ neverending little wiggle butt!


  6. I saw a show on TV about a crocodile farm in Northern Australia. They would hold a chicken, dead of course, from a rope on a pole out over the water & the crocs would leap way up high out of the water to snatch the chicken. That just came to mind when I saw the Tucker leaping for the butter box photos


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