Trixie Tuesday

A little roaching starts the day off right.

18 Comments on “Trixie Tuesday

  1. And so gets me in the mood fur tomorrow’s WWW 😉

    Akhtually, I was doing some of THAT out in the leaves and sun on Monday!

    Go Trixie Go!



  2. Ha, that was a good one. Phantom likes to do a morning roach too, and he even makes those grunting and groaning noises too. His hearing isn’t so good any more, so the flashy beast operator gets that same look of surprise:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  3. TRIXIE… THAT IS A FANTASTIC ROACH TRAINING VIDEO!!! I think I learned about 87 new thingys. You are a GOOOOOOD teacher.


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  5. “i’ve fallen, and i can’t get up!”
    teehee! seriously, miss trixie, your roachin’ skills are totally fab. nice vocals for added impact! 🙂

    the booker man


  6. *gasp* You mean there’s a time when Trixie is not on patrol and making sure that everyone is safe?

    I love how surprised she looked there at the end!


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