35 thoughts on “Wordless (Retro) Wednesday: I Make The Cone Of Shame Look Good

  1. Yes, we can see that you can pull that look off, not every dog can!
    Martha and Bailey xx
    ps we are not sure what the roasted Abbot would have tasted like – they stopped roasting him once he signed over his land!


  2. We sure hope this is an old photo – can’t have Dennis with a boo boo paw AND the dreaded cone of shame.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  3. Hey I thought that was you Dennis till I clicked on the picture & it went to Flicker & it said Tucker. What a cute young Tucker TMBTDVD. Hey I know why Tucker is always on the mooch for food. Vizslas are from Hungry


  4. Hey Tucker, Jed here. Like you, I’m the calm one in the family – sort of. I am constantly stuck in one of those flamin’ Cones due to an unfortunate OCD [chewing on my footsies]. No dog who’s ever had a Cone inflicted on them thinks they’re treat catchers. They’re hot, they fog up when you run, they interfere with scratching, chewing & bitey face, among other important activities. Just try curling up in a ball to sleep in one. Or licking your privates. So you’re very lucky to be shut of yours. I’ve gotten pretty adept at banging them on hard surfaces to soften and/or split the plastic, though, so I can reach most of my important places. If you ever get stuck in one again, I can give you lessons in the swift destruction of the Cone. I always reach out to any doggie I see suffering the torment of the Cone.

    Jed [and Abby]


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