28 thoughts on “Whining In A Convertible With The Top Down

  1. Make sure you stop for snacks – it’s a long way from Sandy Eggo to Master-chew-sits and Tucker’s bound to get hungry. (Probably before you leave the driveway…) You might want to see if you Dad has any of those magic plastic cards to take along (you know, one you haven’t used up buying forks or Viagra or whatever). Good luck – we love road trips!!!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  2. DENNIS! Are you coming to Massachusetts? Oh boy! Drive safely.


    P.S. Do you turn off comments on older posts? I wanted to note on Trixie’s post that she needs to make sure she does both sides evenly lest she have roach face, but I could not find the comment button.


  3. Dennis, you are going to have so much fun there. Our cousins live in West Dennis, and the Momster says that Dennis has some of the best beaches on Cape Cod – drive carefully.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  4. Um, you might want to put the top up – It’s raining cats & dogs up here in New England.

    Pee. S. We have a business named after you they make toilet paper – no joke! – BOL.

    woof – Tucker


  5. OK… Now if you are gonna be on I-70… You can stop by and see me on the way. I’ll pack you all some nice fresh Deer bones for the rest of your journey.
    PeeS.. If you happen to stop in to see Mango.. watch out.. his new meds. seem to have “backed up his plumbing” and you might want to watch were you stand. I’m just sayin’.


  6. Wow, and here we were looking for “Vizsla, MA” on the map. How about that: a Mango town in FL and a Dennis town in MA. There are a lot of us Abbys and Abbeys out here. Wonder if there’s a town named Abby or Abigail anywhere in the U.S. – or Canada would do. Maybe you could be on the lookout as you drive across the country? Can’t wait for the next installments of your road trip.

    Abby [and Jed]


  7. To the beautiful Trixie:

    HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND, TRIXIE???? Let them take Trouble along, and you keep the home fires burning, and guard the yard.



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