Wrong Turn

26 Comments on “Wrong Turn

  1. Welcome to Massachusetts! Please remember to wear your seatbelts and no texting whilst driving.



  2. Hey! Guess what! Momma says she has been to Perth Amboy plenty of times. It does smell kind of like a volcano… sulpher. Urp.


  3. Hai Dennis – I is in Massa choo sits! Next times yoo come thru stop by I has sum treats fer yoo all. Um yoo no mind half eatten ones right?


    :: springs in my feet ::
    :: springs in my feet ::

    I is Jake!

    Peeeeeeeeeeee Mail – Mom loves Mango’s brindley colours!


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  5. I recently (Like YESTERDAY, in fact) discovered how RH the Mango Man really is.. I won a prize in his WANNA BE contesticle thingy and you should see the size of the STUFFY he sent me. HOOOOOOOGE I’m tellin you.
    Now as for this MASS (Insert PUN HERE)Transportation thingy you are on.. Why didn’t you stop in OHIO and see me? I would have given you something better that McDonalds… fine scottish KW Zeene.
    You be careful out there on the roads… there are… STRANGE peeps lurking.


  6. Why am I not surprised that you got lost? And thanks for letting me know who writes those Wikipedia things.


  7. Is it my imagination or has Mango gotten even huger? Is huger a word? Tucker, McDonald’s always screws up the order! Surely you know that!


  8. Hahaha. I love that they even got to see Bugs! What an adventure. Gotta say, wish I’d stowed away in the back of the car.


  9. Cheez, Trixie, you’re a GIRL! How did you let that car driven by a mere male get so lost? The Mango ex machina is a nice touch, though. Wouldn’t it be something if that really were the face of God?

    Abby [and Jed]


  10. Hey Dennis!
    Quite a road trip you got going there. New England, huh. Well, I didn’t know there was a volcano there, but maybe that’s why Big Macs taste kinda funny. At least you got the MRH to join you. That’s a carload!
    Grr and Woof,


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