17 thoughts on “Overheard Around The Docks

  1. Hey! A ship will work as well, I suppose. You just might have to go the long way round. Watch out for the perfect storms on George’s Bank.



  2. Well, we may be dogs of little brains, but we are totally confused. Looks like you are headed much too East – like FAR East – to still be on a quest to find either Dennis MA or the Great & Wonderful Mango. That IS the Pacific Ocean, right? [As you hadn’t left California before you were magically transported to the dock?] Are you sailing South so you can pass through two of the most treacherous Capes on the planet in order to reach Australia to help Miss Honey with her move? We’re way past that willing suspension of disbelief thing, aren’t we? We’re eagerly awaiting the next installments of your adventures, sitting here in the comforts of our armchairs. Abby, pass the popcorn.

    Jed & Abby


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