The Real Reason The Carnival Ship ‘Splendor’ Was Disabled

25 Comments on “The Real Reason The Carnival Ship ‘Splendor’ Was Disabled

  1. Don’t post that photo on the internets or you will be in big trouble.
    Where is the spam and pop tarts?


    P.S. Are you sure your dada car didn’t get caught in my slobbers?


  2. Maybe Jello Shots would go better with the Spam, d’ya think?

    I think so.



  3. Better then Spam and pop tarts. So that’s what started the fire! BTW I’m taking a short break only a couple weeks. I’ll stop by when I’m back.


  4. I just knew you had something to do with this Dennis! So, please don’t try to convince me it was Tucker or Trixie or Trouble, ok? You have guilty stamped on your snout ….. Now, Spam treats for all!!!!!


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  7. Somehow, I just knew you guys had something to do wif this..well, might as ell sit back and have that mawtooni
    smoochie kisses


  8. Dude, NEVER admit guilt! Or provide digital proof of guilt! On the internet! Don’t you read/watch Rumpole? We’re not sure even Abby’s super legal beagle skills can get you out of this one. Trixie, you should claim you were kidnapped and were an unwilling witness, not a pawticipant. Tucker can plead diminished responsibility. No sense in all of you going down. Dennis, we just hope this incident occurred in international waters, not Mexican waters. While you’re not going to like an American pen, it’s still better than doing hard time in a Mexican jail. Does your dad’s auto insurance cover collision with a ship at sea?

    Abby, L.B.E. [Legal beagle extraordinarie]

    and Jed [innocent bystander and bill collector]


  9. Hey Where’s Captain Stubing??? And the Doc & Gopher & Julie & that doesn’t look like Isaac the bartender to me


  10. Hey Dennis!
    If the Love Boat crew is in charge you’re definitely in for rough seas. Very bad news. Better grab some of that spam and head for the closest life raft! I think it would be a very long doggie paddle to shore.
    Grr and Woof,


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