hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel owr trip to dennis massachewsits has run into a bit of a snag on akkownt of a krooz ship beeing ware it shudnt hav ben but we ar finaly mayking progress chek it owt!!!

i am pritty shoor that all we hav to do is sayl this bote thru the panama hat canal and up the other side of the country and we wil be in dennis massachewsits!!!

i fully ekspekt their to be a ticker tayp parayd wen i git their so if yoo ar in dennis massachewsits and yoo ar reeding this start gitting the confettee reddy becuz i will be arriving soon!!!

this is see kaptin dennis the vizsla dog over and owt!!! ok bye

24 thoughts on “Lifeboat

  1. Hey Dennis! I hope you get through the canal OK and don’t have to detour around Cape Horn (honk honk). You will have to cross the Bourne Identity bridge if you want to get to my estate from Dennisville.



  2. I think I have missed a page or two in this one. When did you load up the life boat with all of that passes for food stuff? Whats on fire on the ship and who started it? Always exciting with youse guys!



  3. They really serve spam and pop-tarts on cruise ships? Really? Seems very un-luxurious to me. Maybe I won’t bother taking that cruise I planned after all.


  4. Ummm, Dennis,
    I’d thwow some of that spam ovewboawd and stwt paddling fast..come to my house I’ll give you bettew foods..i don’t want you to get eaten by a shawk
    smoochie kises


  5. Um, Dennis, we hate to inject any reason into this adventure, but we can’t help but notice your overloaded lifeboat has neither a sail nor a motor. Just how are you going to power the rest of your voyage? Ohh – Abby says she knows: you’re going to con Shamu into grabbing a rope and pulling you all the way. Jed thinks that plan is fraught with peril and hopes you have another one. We hope you make it safely to Mango’s in time for Thanksgiving, although we have our doubts.

    Jed & Abby


  6. Hi there dennis
    It’s your favorite reeder norweed. Hey wow I heard that cruise ship had free drinks for everyone. You could trade in your spam for a nice beverage. Ummm I have my confetti ready. I’d be careful passing by Martha’s Vineyard… seeing that tuxedo is following you.


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