updayt frum dennis!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry i hav not ben arownd the last kuple of days dada has got a kidding stone or kiddie stone or sumthing like that and it is interfeering with his abilitee to help me dokyooment all my positivly troo adventchers or to visit all my frends but i hope he wil be better soon so i can kontinyoo with my kwest to reetch dennis masachewsits!!!  thanks and i wil see yoo all soon!!!  ok bye

40 thoughts on “updayt frum dennis!!!

  1. Ooh. Some of us (Dad) in this house have been through that several times; I won’t go into the Very Bad Thing that happened to Dad during one of his kidney stone episodes (he went septic and was hospitalized for 14 days), so we’ll just think happy thoughts for your Dad, and hope he feels better soon enough to appreciate any pain meds they give him! 😉

    -Fiona and Family


  2. Dennis Tell your Dada to take all the good drugs cuz they might help him think up some great new adventures for you. Not that he needs them for that, cuz he has a great imagination and you get into heaps of trouble. But not like Trouble the kitty, cuz she never gets in trouble, she just is trouble. Get well soon Dennis’s Dada!


  3. Dennis!
    My mom knows about those kidney stones!
    I hope your Dada gets rid of them and feels better soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


  4. Bummer, dude! Hope the dada gets better soon. Kiddie stones, Gaul stones…all stones belong on the outsides, not the insides. Don’t jump on his tummy or back for the nonce, guys, should you normally be inclined to that activity. Believe us, that would be a mistake!

    Jed & Abby


  5. Mega Ouchie for your Dada, Dennis. Our dad knows all about those miserable stones – very painful. Hope things improve quickly.

    When you have time, be sure to check our post today (once we get it up),we have something for you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  6. Dennis – you behave yourself and be good for dada while he’s feeling sick ok? no destuffing, no butt tucking, no rearranging the furniture. When he’s better, you can make up for your down time.

    Jim – feel better soon!


  7. Hay tell yer dada to git betters reel fast!! Now I am no doktur but I thinks mebbe yer dada shuld not eat roks and durt cause it sounds like them thangs dont agree with him.

    Yer pal Dozer

    PS Also if yer dada duz not want to take his medisin then you kin put it in sum punkin or sum peenut butter ok!!


  8. Hey Dennis… I couldn’t find a way to leave you a comment until just now. SOOOOOOO sorry your dad is not feeling well.
    Geeeee WHIZ.. what does he want with a Stone Kitty? Or a Stone Kiddie even? they don’t sound fun at all.


  9. Hope he gets rid of his kidding stone soon so he feels better. Hay Dennis you could sell it on Ebay to recuperate some money that you owe me for Fork Storage. Yes Dixie told me that they were yours…


  10. hope you feel better soon

    P.S. pour yourself one or more (preferably more)) large glasses of whisky. I find it helps me feel much better whenever I’m poorly 😆

    P.P.S. So much so that I take it as a preventative measure. It’s so effective, friends tell me there have been times when I’ve been suffering from some dreadful ailment and I haven’t even noticed (hic!) 😉


  11. Hey Dennis!
    Sorry to hear about your Dad. Mom says to tell your Dad to drink lots of cranberry juice. No kidn, I mean kidding, it really helps. You’ll have to be extra cuddly to him while he recovers. Lay up really close against his back to keep him warm! He’ll love it since it hurts. Let us all know how he is doing…and I’m tickled to see your okay bye back again! We love that.
    Grr and Woof,


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