go west yung dog!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i seem to hav gottin a bit ternd arownd trying to find my way bak to the beetch and owr bote i gess i shud hav brawt the gps along this time!!!

noo england is a verry konfyoozing playse!!! if only we cud find sumwun wot nos there way arownd it!!!

maybe that funny metal hyooman wil be aybel to help us owt!!!

then agin maybe he wont

but fortchoonatly i hav frends all over the playse!!!

wel i gess we missd the parayd but thanks to ciara we skored this noo car wot is eeven cooler then the wun we started with!!! i am shoor with this funky set of weelz we wil be home in time for thanksgiving dinner!!! happy thanksgiving evrybuddy!!! ok bye

17 thoughts on “go west yung dog!!!

  1. Is there a ‘Crow’s Nest’ of East Dennis, as well? Seriously, how many Crow’s Nests can there be? And the town of Dennis is so big that they’ve split into East Dennis and West Dennis? Dude. We are totally impressed, even if you missed your parade! Hopefully that really cool car has some foodables in there, so you can nosh your way through the rest of the holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Dennis, Tucker, Trixie, and Trouble (oh mama and dada too). Gosh, Escape from Massachusetts. Where is Snake Plisskin?



  3. Mom says I did a great job getting to our cousins’ home – the house we are in front of looks exactly like theirs:) I was happy to help you out. Now I have to click my red slippers and get back to Kansas before the boys know I snuck out without them.

    Woos ~ Ciara


  4. Happy Thanksgiving my friends! I hope you had a wonderful day!!


    PeeS: The secret was reviled on my blog today!!


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