buns across the mohawk!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel owr kwest to meet the nice peepul of dennis masachewsits may hav ended in faylyoor but at leest we hav this cool set of weelz to drive bak akross the kountree to the mithical land of sandy eggo driving shoor is fun chek it owt!!!

we ar on sumthing calld the throoway witch i gess is calld that becuz it goes throo a buntch of playses but unfortchoonatly yoo hav to giv the hyoomans munny to drive on it throo the mithical land of noo york so we hav to find an alternat root!!!

fortchoonatly their is no chardj to drive on this funny narrow rode wot duznt hav enny other cars on it!!!

it luks like it wil be smooth driving throo noo york and bak to kalifornya!!!

ummmm or not!!! ok bye

24 thoughts on “buns across the mohawk!!!

  1. Hey Dennis!
    WOW, what an adventure! Love the weinermobile. I should get one of those for Cousin Frankie. I have no personal experience with Kung Fu Beavers, but if they’re anything like porcupines, I can definitely advise you to proceed with extreme caution…or body armor.
    Grr and Woof,


  2. Kung Fu Beavers? Who would have trained these beavers in kung fu? Dennis, do you, Tucker or the Beautiful Trixie have training in martial arts? If not, I wouldn’t mess with these guys, not for a minute. Stay in your little hot dog car and step on it! By the way, I don’t think they will chase you at the toll if you just zoom through (not over the speed limit), and don’t pay.



  3. Hmmm… somehow, we doubt your dad is going to be as thrilled with the exchange of his lovely sports car for a weinermobile as you are. On the plus side, you surely can charge all the expenses of your trip to a certain bologna company with an irritating jingle. Just think of all the publicity you’re giving them. In fact, with your brand of publicity, they might even spring for a plane ticket home for all of you on that nice new all-pet airline. You get a private cabin, a stewardess at your bark & call to rub your tummy and bring you treats, and a relaxing ride. Trixie deserves a break.

    Mama loves that old movie from which your title is “borrowed.” We hope you nix the plane ride. We’re looking forward to the crazed ninja beavers chasing you through the forest, right on your heels the whole way. The intriguing question is: the whole way to where? You’ve already left the sanctuary of the Great & Powerful Mango. If you run southwest to PA, we bet Lacie could take those beavers all by herself. Abby, fire up the popcorn!

    Jed & Abby


  4. hahaha it reminded me of that british movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail have u seen it?? so funny..if not u should watch it 😀


  5. I for one welcome our kung fu beaver overlords
    What will your Dada say Dennis when you return home with a hot dog car instead of his fancy convertible???


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