Hairy Pupper and the Ball of Tennis

After having made sure that the Toxic Avenger and the Creature from the Black Lagoon will be able to share their apartment without killing each other, I am now on my way back to the university to reclaim my office and get back to work in the anthropology department. However, upon reaching the campus, I discover that the school’s focus has changed dramatically …

Yes, it seems that the school administrators, in an attempt to cash in on the popularity of a certain wizard, have decided to switch from an institute of higher learning into a school of magic! Shocked at this absurdity, I hurry to the dean’s office to find out what exactly he thinks he’s doing.

The dean seems to have completely bought into the school of magic marketing ploy, possibly to the point of becoming delusional.

I attempt to reason with him, but to no avail; he has an answer to everything, drawing on bizarre, self-contained logic that would make a philosophy professor shudder.

Surely there must be some way to get through to him, to make him understand that there is no such thing as magic and that this scheme will only lead to ruin.

Then again, in this economic climate, it’s important to be able to differentiate oneself from the competition.

Yes, this appears to be a wonderful new teaching opportunity! I will teach these children how to make fondue; because I am Professor Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

21 thoughts on “Hairy Pupper and the Ball of Tennis

  1. We just saw the Harry Pupper movie yesterday!!! I can’t wait for Dennis to take on the likes of “he who must not be named”!


  2. Ooh!ooh! Can we come to Dogwarts, too? We can make foodables disappear just fine, but we’d like to work on the spell for making them appear whenever we want. And transfigurations … stupid dry kibbles into luscious chunks of beef, cheese, liver, bananas. [Abby loves bananas. Jed eats them to be companionable.] Jed wants to learn to play quid-itch; should make it much easier to bag birds, if one could fly on a broomstick to snatch them right out of the air. And we can all use some Defense Against the Dark Arts training, especially if we’re going to keep following you on these insane trips into Strange Places and Other Dimensions. We’re off to get our magic bully sticks!

    Jed & Abby


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