its the sunday awards and meem show post tanksgiving edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show!!! this week we hav got wun award frum my gud frends coco and tiffy its the dog blog award chek it owt!!!

thank yoo so much coco and tiffy!!! doggie blogs are the best!!!

now akkording to the roolz of this award i must list ten things abowt myself!!! wow that is a lot of stuf!!! wel i hav alreddy told almost evrything abowt me so this wil probly be a rehash for sum of yoo but ok heer goze!!!

  1. i wuz fownd wandring in a canyon with my sister and two brothers
  2. i do not like to ride in rooms wot moov
  3. i am not a big fan of swimming not eeven wen tennis bals ar involvd
  4. i like to chayse skwirrels and bunneez arownd the bakyard but hav yet to ketch wun
  5. i look fabyoolus in a smoking jakkit
  6. wen mama and dada go owt and leev me home alone owtside the krate they put wot they call a sakrifishul blanket on the sofa so that i do not destroy enny furnitcher i hav no ideea why they think i mite do sumthing like that!!!
  7. i can play fetch all day long!!!
  8. i am the only thing standing between the stuffies and total wurld dominayshun
  9. i wuz the fastest vizsla in my flyball leeg last yeer!!!
  10. i hav got a koller for evry okayzhun

ok now akkording to the roolz i hav got to tag fifteen frends wow that is a lot!!! lets spin the weel of fortchoon!!!

  1. pink daisy!!!
  2. benny hoo is a tank!!!
  3. princess the pittie!!!
  4. tucker the great dane hoo is not tucker the other vizsla dog!!!
  5. the mutts hoo ar spoyld as all mutts shud be!!!
  6. the wild dingoes ayt me baby!!!  ha ha just kidding i hav not got a baby
  7. the luvly miss laila!!!
  8. dozer and starr if dozer feels like shayring!!!
  9. the also luvly miss asta!!!
  10. samantha hoo is mayd of gold!!!
  11. mister rocket and miss delilah!!!
  12. brutus and carmen the frenchies!!!
  13. unleeshd norwood!!!
  14. the adorabul miss mayzie!!!
  15. and mango and dexter!!!

and thats a rap!!! ok bye

25 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show post tanksgiving edishun!!!

  1. Thanks for the award Dennis!! As you know myu awards show that was just like your has fallen by the wayside since my momma has not been bloggin very much! But we will MAKE her put it up this time!!!


  2. Hey! Thanks for the award, pal. I did know that Tucker isn’t Tucker because Tucker has big spots and Tucker doesn’t. See what I mean?



  3. Hey Dennis!
    Congrats on the award! Yeehaaa for you. I loved reading your list…I understand about the unstuffies…the need serious supervision. Your list gave me the biggest chuckles of the day!
    Grr and an Amused Woof,


  4. Dennis, you’re always on the cutting edge of millinery fashion! I envy your fashion sense. I’m sure you don’t need those little people. You’re a big enough star to make it on your own! Well, maybe you should keep Trouble on board. If she starts plotting against you, the whole world may be in danger!


  5. Hey Dennis!

    On #10 of the things about you, you said:
    “i hav got a koller for evry okayzhun”

    I think you should wear several of them at the same time because they could protect you from some of the creepies that you run into, or you could put one around the neck of an hedgehog and pull it tight so it couldn’t speak. I’m just sayin’ they could be helpful now and then, what do you say???

    By the way, where is the Beautiful Trixie Belle today?




  6. Hi, hi, Dennis! I just gots back from all my Thanksgiving wanderings and I just wanted to tell you congratulations on your awardie and thank you, thank you for sharing it with me. I did not know you didn’t like riding in rooms that move.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  7. How did i miss this award? I’m so lame… you should disown me as a bloggie friend. no wonder peeps only like my dogs and not me… 😉 L&J are gonna be pissed i missed this…


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