18 thoughts on “Kung Fu Bar

  1. Ha ha ha! It’s like when the censors always interrupted right before you found out if Pat was a he or a she! *snicker* I have a feeling Tucker has finally found something worth fighting for, too!


  2. Hey Dennis!
    This is a riot! Very funny. Heaven only knows what those beavers will do with that trash can if they get into it. Surely we couldn’t have that…and don’t call me Shirley. BOL
    Grr and a Laughing Woof,


  3. If you like snow and cold weather, O Beautiful Trixie, we have an opening in our pack. Want to come for a visit and try us out? Just don’t bring any of those other yokels with you.



  4. Well, you got the FUBAR right.

    P.S. – We now know that this strategy of never turning the TV on has hit a new level when we learned about Leslie Nielsen from Dennis. We were crushed when we reached that line and instantly googled to find out what happened. Thank you for being our trusted news source – and now we may go watch Airplane in rememberance.


  5. Dennis, Abby is getting mental whiplash from all of your jumping around stories. Trixie is apparently experiencing a different emotion. Are we still on the road to Dogwarts? We’ve got our magic bully sticks! Or are we about to watch Dennis race through the woods with armed, homicidal beavers on his tail? GO BEAVERS! And we’re not even from Oregon! Oh, wait – those are Ducks, aren’t they?

    Jed & Abby


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