Magical Creatures

Having returned from my long sabbatical, I found the university I came back to is not the university that I left. In an effort to increase enrollment, the dean has changed it from an institute of higher learning into a school of magic. Although I was at first reluctant to teach in such an environment, a Christmas ham persuaded me to take a position as potions instructor. Little did I know that dark forces were conspiring against me …

The first intimation of trouble comes in the form of an invitation to sit next to the dean on the steps outside his office, instead of on the nice comfy couch inside his office.

Who are these anonymous “complaints” coming from? What is their sinister agenda?

My attempts to defend myself and my teaching style fall on deaf ears.

Fortunately, qualified professors of magical studies are in short supply, so instead of losing my job, I am offered a transfer to another department.

The complainers may have won this round, but I will get the last bark — I will be the best magical creatures professor there ever was!

I am beginning to think that the school’s star pupil has it in for me. Could she be the one who caused me to lose my position teach potions? I will begin to make discreet inquiries until I find out the truth … because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

17 thoughts on “Magical Creatures

  1. “Try it and you’ll lose that moustache” Gave me a good laugh. Dennis you look so professorial, but I think Tucker has the better idea, and sense of humor. Oh and guys, please end the secret communications you must have going on with Sadie and Jack. Yeah I know it is you. They would never have penned that deal with the crows without some outside influence. Bagels From Heaven


  2. Did Tucker drink one of your Shrinking Potions? He seems smaller, not only compared to you, but compared to the milk shake. We fail to see how ninja hedgehogs are going to contribute to feeding your and Tucker’s insatiable appetites. So what magical creatures can you employ that provide or can secure food? And that won’t contribute to your getting the sack? You’re cycling through the Master’s positions pretty quickly, dude. We’re waiting to see what you will do with Defense Against the Dark Arts. Which brings us full circle back to the ninja hedgehogs.

    Don’t assume Hermione is your enemy. Remember it was ALWAYS Draco who was complaining to his Death Eater dad, trying to get good Masters fired. And you are on the Light Side [in so many ways], not the Dark Side, aren’t you?

    We’ve got our magic bully sticks, ready to help bail you out when [not if] you get in too deep.

    Jed & Abby


  3. Dennis
    It’s your fav reeder Norweed. Huh you teach magikal creatures? I wonder if that includes my cousin tula.. she is a monstah! I bet that do gooder girl is out to get you. She probably likes red heads.


  4. hey dennis, don’t listen to norweed. he’s nutty. i say give miss goodie toola shoes a spekial project.. like get the milkshake from tucker!

    just sayin


  5. I’m surprised I’ve never noticed the resemblance between Dumbeldore and Father Christmas before! Coincidence? I think not!


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