Obvious Troll Is Obvious

20 Comments on “Obvious Troll Is Obvious

  1. I hope this means that you will be HOME fur Christmas and Santa Paws’ visit.


  2. Mom thinks bakhk to her youth – many centuries ago – and the little trolls she’d get from the bubblegum machine!

    And fur a PENNY!



  3. More like what would we do without the Beautiful Trixie, who comes to the rescue so often you would think she’d be fed up with the whole mess now.

    More like that!



  4. Hey Dennis!
    I’m not sure which intrigues me more…the beaver or the hedgehogs. Actually, I’d like to chase and possibly bash both of them. I can’t help it, I’m always on guard duty. You show great restraint by not attacking all the furry critters. Gotta say these are some funky adventures you go on!
    Grr and Woof,


  5. I knew Trixie would come to the rescue eventually. Where did Tucker TMBTDVD go to for that brief moment of disappearance???


  6. Wow. You can use the internet to order helicopters? *where is Mom’s AmEx card?!?* That is SO COOL! But what about the weiner-mobile? Maybe they could airlift it out of there… (Mom is chuckling over the ‘internet troll’ – HAHAHAHA!) Um. Good luck. You know. With that helicopter thing…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  7. Well, thank DoG that’s over! It is over? You’re not going to crash the helicopter or anything? Can we get back to Dogwarts and Defense Against the Dark Arts? Or even Magical Creatures. Heck, even Herbology. Focus, Dennis, focus!

    Jed & Abby [and their magical bully sticks]


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