me vs the mowntins part wun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel wow that shoor wuz kwite a rode trip in the weenermobeel huh??? but alls wel that ends with nomes gitting blown off a bridj ha ha!!! but just to proov that not all my rode trips ar that crazy heer is another wun wot i tuk with mama and dada a fyoo munths ago wen we went to the mithical sitty of julian chek it owt!!!

as yoo can see this is frum wen dada stil had his fansy shmansy loaner convertabul veehikul before i borrowd it and may or may not hav crashd it into a krooz ship

hav bone wil travil

i do not no why dada liked that convertabul so mutch wen he kleerly hayts sunlite as yoo wil see he had a hat on for almost the entire trip!!!

nice hat!!!

so reely i think i did him a fayvor by crashing the convertabul dont yoo??? hay dada maybe yoo wood like a car like this green thing wot is coverd with blackowt fabrik!!!

pardon me but hav yoo seen the horses wot ar suppozd to pull owr waggon??? we seem to hav lost them!!!

riding in a convertabul is sort of like riding with yore hed stikking owt the windo eksept that there is no windo and no roof and yore hed isnt stikking owt

ho hum wayk me up wen we git their

all this teknolodjy and i stil hav to sit in the car for an howr to git to the mithical sitty of julian

i thawt this wuz kalifornya!!! ware ar the palm trees??? ware is the beetch??? ar yoo shoor this isnt like utah or sumthing???

i think that tumbelweed is chaysing us

i remember the interstayt beeing wider then this

this is not the freeway!!!

this pikcher mayks me want to go pee i meen just luk at all those treez!!! if i pee on them that mayks them mine!!!

orandj joose in its pre karton form

just wen i wuz starting to think that we wood never git to julian we got to julian!!!

hay funny littel green car!!! i fownd yore missing horse!!! ha ha ha

wel now that we ar in julian it is time to git owt and wawk arownd!!!

this is my seeryus fayse. seeryusly lets start wawking becuz i am bored owt of my mind.

be shoor to toon in tomorrow for part too of me vs the mowntins in witch i diskuver a restawrant wot has a sinister naym and tuckers seekret sideline bizness as wel as more pikchers of dada in his silly hats!!! ok bye

26 thoughts on “me vs the mowntins part wun!!!

  1. This field trip looks boring so far, but I bet things will pick up. I kind of like that convertable car. It would be good for me cause I can’t stick my head out the windows of the mastiff mobile.

    Is Julian where those funny shaped carrots come from?



  2. So how many days did you save your pees? I mean that is a LOT of ornge trees to be makin… urine own. I always did wonder why that jewse was kinda Yellow.
    Now I am really happy that you found the missing horse fur the blackout buggy thingy.
    I kinda like your dada’s hat. My dad has about 87 of those.
    I know why he wears it in the converdable.. it keeps off the birds poop. Can’t wait fur the sekund installment of your adventure.


  3. It’s funny; I’m not so keen on sticking my head out the window of Mom’s Jeep, but when she had her convertible, I LOVED to ride in it. (Maybe it’s because Mom drove faster in her convertible?) Your serious face kind of scares us. Seriously! Let’s hope you don’t wreak too much havoc on the poor hamlet of Julian. (Really? That’s the name of the place?)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  4. Ooh, Dennis – I LOVED this post! I mean, I love all your space adventures and stuff but I do like your ‘real’ adventures best! 😉 And what a cool place! Can’t wait to see what you get up to there. Hsin-Yi was giggling about your comment about the “pre-carton orange juice” – hee! hee! And I’ve heard all about ‘tumbleweed’ but I’ve never actually seen one! 😛

    Honey the Great Dane


  5. Dennis- you have a nice car vest. I only have outside vests. I didn’t used to like the car at all, but after about 10 years I figured out that most car rides end with nice walks. Maggie the Vizsla


  6. It is safe but boring to go in the car sometimes. I like your blanket. I think there are way too many trees for you to wee on. You may need some help!!!


  7. Loves your trip to Julian – and your commentary! You are actually a very good boy in that convertible – I thinks we would have been jumping around, trying to get out to see all that cool stuff – like the millions of trees!
    Sammie and Avalon


  8. It sure was a beautiful day for that ride in the strange vehicle with no windows and no roof:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  9. Looks like you had a great trip to Julian Dennis. I don’t know why convertibles are so expensive because you don’t have the cost of all that extra metal for the roof. Where is Tucker & Trixie??? Were you the only one privileged to ride in the fancy car?


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