me vs the mowntins part doo!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel wen we left off yesterday i had just reechd the mithical sitty of julian hi in the mowtins of sandy eggo now supposedly julian is a hamlet but i did not see enny ham their so dont beleev the hype!!! but i did see sum other stuf their chek it owt!!!

heer is the mayn street in julian it luks like a nice playse rite??? a gud playse to stop for pie maybe!!!

as amerikan as julian apple pie!!!

imadjin my serprize wen i diskoverd that this is ware tucker has ben hiding all the stuf wot he steelz!!!

if yoo do not want peepul to no ware yoo hide yore loot then dont put a sine on it!!!

unfortchoonatly i wuz not permittid to go inside to see wot sort of trezhures tucker is hiding in their but i assoom it involvs treets and stuffies and posibly clones of mama so he has plenty of laps to sit on!!! mooving along i diskoverd this horifying site!!!

hot diggity dog diggity

i dont no abowt yoo but that duznt luk like a dog howse to me!!! we all now wot a dog howse luks like!!!

the dog howse of justiss!!!

kleerly this is sum sort of kleverly disgized ploy to loor in the unwary and tern them into hot dogs!!! after all nobuddy reely nos wot goze into hot dogs am i rite??? it is a kompleet baffling uneksplaynabul delishus mistery!!! so ennyway i stayd wel away frum their oh hay wot is that???

(insert dramatik myoozik heer)

why it is owr old frend the tiny horse!!!

minnyatchoor horse is minnyatchoor

hay tiny horse dont git too klose to the dog howse emporium playse!!! ha ha wel so ennyway mama and dada fownd a meksikan playse to hav luntch ware their wuz no dayndjer of ennywun beeing turnd into a skrumshus sawsadjlike produkt and the nice peepul their eeven brawt owt a bowl of water for me!!!

warez the tekeela?

as yoo can see i am now waring my jakket on akkownt of it wuz gitting chilly up their in the mowntins!!! like in the fifteez witch didnt yoozd to be chilly for mama and dada but now mayks them shiver on akkownt of they ar spoilt coastal kalifornyans now ha ha wel after luncth we tried to go bak to the car only to find owr path blokd by a most tretcherus metal playt!!!

nope nope nope nope nope nope

and ware wuz this metal playt??? thats rite it wuz direktly in frunt of the hot dog emporium!!! obviusly it is elektrified or sumthing in order to stun there viktims!!! but klever me went arownd it instead of stepping on it!!!


having thus defeeted the cunning trap set by the hot dog emporium we wer then aybel to proseed sayfly bak to the car

nice hat!!!

hay dada is that hat keeping the sun off yoo???

play misty for me!!!

oh thats rite their isnt enny sun on akkownt of it is all misty!!! but i gess dada cant tel their is no sun on akkownt of his jiant floppy hat wot throws a shadow big enuf to cover several small noo england stayts at wunse ha ha wel ennyway we finaly reetchd the sayfty of the car and loaded it up with loot

nice hat!!!

ahhhh that hat is so brite it is berning my retinas!!!

(insert car roof heer)

say dada if yoo like hats so mutch maybe yoo shud ware yor marvin the marshun hat underneeth yore jigantic floppy hat then yoo wood be on yore way to bekuming bartholomew cubbins!!! wel ennyway wunse the loot wuz sayfly stashd it was time to git bak in the car

whew that wuz not eezy!!! but at last we wer sayfly in the car and on owr way home and nun of us got ternd into a hot dog at leest not this time!!! ok bye

27 thoughts on “me vs the mowntins part doo!!!

  1. I found it quite disturbing that the hot dog emporium was so close to Tucker’s secret stash of stuff. How evil.

    I got scared by that metal grate just looking at it in digitals form. You were so right not to step on it. In fact, I can’t believe you got as close as you did. You are super brave.

    Isn’t it time to get a four door sedan or an SUV? How are you supposed to squeeze into that backseat without even a proper door? Good thing you are relatively flat.



  2. Yep. That metal plate scared us, too – you are SOOOO lucky that you didn’t get turned into a hotdog. (Oh, wait, it was in the 50s – too cool to be a hotdog, I suppose… Heehee…) I can’t believe you weren’t allowed inside Tucker’s Treasures; he’s not exactly a spring chicken – he’s had YEARS to stash away all sorts of goodies. I’d have a chat with Tucker when you get home and ask him exactly what he’s been collecting that he’s got to hide it in the mountains! No tequila for you? *sheesh*

    We think you look quite dashing in your coat, BTW!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  3. Dennis – we really like Julian – it is a nice little town, but unfortunately, you found some evil lurking there – I also think you were rather brave to skirt around that electrical gatey thingie. We’re also glad you didn’t get grabbed by the snausage crew – disaster! Better watch it in the future if someone wants to feed you a hot dog heheh!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon
    PS great post!


  4. Hi Dennis boy oh boy sounds like you had a great day out with mama and dada you are so brave to visit new places and not get turned into a hot dog because you would look really funny with short little legs hahaha get it hahaha I really want to know what you did with Tucker and Trixie and I hope you brought them some pie because they are going to be mad about being left home because I know about that hahah remember the front door that I destroyed? ok, you be as good as you can, your friend Clover.

    Dude – what kind of pie? Chillin’ Coz


  5. I wonder if they make ROAD APPLE pies…miniature ones of course… after that tiny horse goes through a few times.
    I’m just askin’.


  6. That hot dog emporium is the stuff of nightmares, or maybe one of your dada’s books! Although I have to say that the Mexican place brought back memories of my own trip back in October when I enjoyed Grotto Pizza. Did your dada have your coat stashed in that hat of his? It looks like he could carry anything a pup would need in there!



  7. I would like to know more about the tiny horses . . .is someone using an evil approach to shrinkatize a regular horse? Like those people with the hot dogs? OR are they born tiny and just stay small all of their little lifes. Where can I find out about this?



  8. A strangely sedate adventure! Most refreshing. Can you sit up wearing your seat belt? If we ever got in a convertible, we’d be sitting way up and letting our ears flap in the breeze. Mama likes your seat belt; very safe. Bet it’s not easy to strap you in, though. Did the seat belt go down when you totalled the convertible? Good to see you use your smarts and bypass that sneaky electrocution walkway thingie feeding into the hot dog factory. And you figured it out all by yourself, without Trixie! Well done!

    Jed & Abby


  9. I am glad no-one was turned into a hot dog, or a chilly dog. That metal plate looks treacherous as does the embarkation of the car!!
    What kind people to bring you a drink of water too!!


  10. Hey Dennis!
    Great post…what fun. I don’t blame your for looking for pies, then being very skert of that metal plate. I bet dachshunds aren’t the only critters in danger of becoming hot dogs in a place like that! Glad you got to have mexican instead. Tucker will be interested in this store…maybe they are identity thiefs! I may have to go on duty and investigate!
    Grr and Woof,


  11. It’s a good thing you were very alert to the dangers of the electrified hot dog ingredient stunning plate Dennis. I used to have a Doberman that refused to walk over manhole covers, I guess she was aware of the same kind of treacherous traps that I didn’t know about until now.


  12. Oh God, Dennis – I used to have to get into one of those tiny cars with folding seats – our last car back in Auckland (after my humans sold MY SUV! 👿 ) so I know just what you mean. And if you think it was hard for you – can you imagine a doggie my size squeezing in??!! 😀

    That was a really cool trip. Although I’m glad you escaped a face worse than ketchup in that Hot Dog House…CREEEPY! 😕

    Honey the Great Dane


  13. Dennis, ‘sandy eggo’ sounds like a waffle you found on the beach! 😀
    I’m glad you were able to get around that dangerous metal plate in front of the hotdog emporium. I think you were probably correct on your evaluation of it!

    P.S. Don’t give your dada a difficult time about his hat. You should see the one I wear – it has a flap in back that also covers my neck. It is extremely odd looking, especially since I wear it in the Midwest where everyone worships the sun because it hardly ever comes out from behind the clouds.




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