26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Has It Stopped Raining Yet?

  1. We keep hearing about the terrible rains and all the problems it is causing. We are happy to know that our human brother and family are finally in the air after a delay at the airport. We also heard that the end of the rain is coming. We sure hope so for your sake.

    Happy Holidays to all.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. Something’s wrong here. It’s only supposed to rain in California when we visit. Does that mean it’ll be dry for our next trip?


  3. There is moss growing on our walls… our running places are saturated, so we’re driving Mom crazy and not sleeping like good Dennis… we’re wrecking the joint. Mom is thinkin’ drugs…


  4. Oh, is it raining where you are, Dennis? I am glad when you sleep under the covers, you stick your snooter out for more breatheability (did I spell that right?)

    Here’s to less rainfall for you guys,



  5. Oh Dennis I have been watching all of this on the news. I hope that you and the other fur folks and your peeps are all safe and keeping dry.
    Merry Christmas to all.


  6. Dennis,
    I am going to take the kayak out later today. Mom and Dad went shopping and they’ll never know I went out. Do you want to come?

    I can show you where you can chew on the edges of the kayak. Mom thinks it’s Dad cutting up the fish on the kayak. You have to leave the blanket. No room in the kayak.

    Chewing buddy,


  7. Its raining here too Dennis. We are just a bit north of you guys. Someone better do something about that Scrooge dude, its gonna be Christmas soon!!!


  8. I’m taking the kayak out. Mom and Dad are out shopping. Wants to go too? I’ll show you where to chew on the kayak. Fools Dad every time he goes out on the water. He thinks its patched! Can’t bring the blanket this time.


  9. It’s been raining here for weeks too. A few degrees colder and I think we would have a very white Christmas, but its not going to happen. Also at first I was shocked as I thought that was Trouble’s tail sticking out from under the bed.


  10. Hi dennis sounds like you decided to stay in bed. Its like that here sometimes, it rains for days and days, so why not stay in bed. You look very cosy and warm too..


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