its the sunday awards and meem show shaymless self promoshun edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel happy day after krismas!!! wel i hav no awards and meems today no dowt on akkownt of evrybuddy beeing bizzy with holidaze and wotnot however i do hav sum eksiting nooz or as i wood call it shaymless self promoshun frum dada chek it owt!!!

as yoo probly hav herd dada is sum sort of riter or sumthing and a wile bak he releesd his buks on the amazon kindle

now i am not shoor wot a river in sowtj amerika has to do with buks but ennyway it seems that peepul in the mithical land of the yoonited kingdum hav suddenly deesided they like to reed buks abowt draggins becuz dadas draggin buk is on the bestseller list at number two ha ha ha ha number two ennyway it is at number two in the epik fantasee katagoree for both ebuks and all buk formats and at number forteen in the general fantasee katagoree for all buk formats!!!

ennyway yoo can find owt more abowt it over at dadas blog wot no wun reeds inklooding skreenshots of the bestseller lists becuz yoo no wot the roolz ar on the internet pikchers or it didnt happen!!! that is why my blog is always ful of totaly troo and undoktord fotos of my adventchers!!! i hope yoo all had a sayf and mary krismas and i wil see yoo tomorro ok bye

24 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show shaymless self promoshun edishun!!!

  1. Thats really cool! Hey Dennis its almost like having an award on your blog (which you gor back thankfully) for your Dada!! I would be carefiul though, your Dada might want to take over this blog too!


  2. Hooray for James Viscosi the author of several books (none of which we have read but we would if we had one or two, hint, hint.) Mr. Viscosi is also the Dada of Dennis, the beautiful Trixie, Tucker and Trouble. We say three cheers to him for his success in, was it England?

    Stella, whose Mom reads everything.


  3. Congrats to your Dada – we had no idea he had a book – but then we are clueless sometimes. Our Dad got a Nook for Christmas as one of his gifts, we will have to tell him about this.

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  4. Congratulations to Dada. It’s kind of you to promote him on your blog even without a toaster oven or froot jooser or anything. We must put his book on our list to read.


  5. DENNIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just fantabulous news. What a super duper way fur you to end 2010 with. I know that 2nd place is Not Furst… like it would have been if YOU had the book out there… BUTT Still. Dennis I mean REALLY SECOND is Dawg Gone Goooooood.. if you ask me. I think you should give your Dada a nice Milkbone fur a Job Well Done. I’m just sayin. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR DADA!!!


  6. So your Dada does something other than just photoshop pictures of your grand adventures? Heehee! Actually, we knew that your Dada was a Most Impressive Writer, but we didn’t realize quite HOW impressive he is! (This means he can buy you lots of extra treats and stuffies and things, right?!?)Happy Day After Christmas to everyone!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  7. Dennis! My momma reads dada’s blog (well, at least she has it in our google reader). Those brits are hard to understand. Like I know that was a great book and all, but not my most favorite one that your dada wrote. What is a kindle anyway? I think Master burns them in the wood stove. So I suppose if the Brits burn the ones with dada’s book inside then they will use up a lot and he will make many dollars and you can retire to sunny California. Oh, wait, that part already happened. OK, you can retire to bitchin cold upstate New York. Ha! But you could get a wood stove like my master has and use your kindles in it.



  8. Hey Dennis your dada must know alot about dragons & stuff to write ovah 300 pages-geesh!! Bet if he wrote about Vizslas he’d be in the numero UNO spot!!

    Just sayin.


  9. Hi Dennis just found your blog. Congrats on your Dad’s book sales. Look forward to reading more about you. No worries, love Carol.


  10. Congrats to your Dad. Momma gots a Kindle for Christmas which is good cause she loves to read but whines about the costs of books and the amount of space they take up. We live in the boonies so our library is terrible. She has to buy evey book she reads & have it shipped, now she doesn’t have to wait 7 days for them to ship and they will cost less. So I’ll make sure she reads some of your Dad’s books.

    woof – Tucker


  11. Congrats to your personal assistant, I mean Dada Dennis. Now he is famous he might try to convert your readers over to his blog leaving you abandoned in a lonely blogosphere


  12. Mazel tov, Dennis’ dada! That’s wonderful! Good for you, too, Dennis; gotta pay for all the treats and tennis balls somehow. Hope you’ll still blog for us “little” doggies, after your dada wins his next Major Award!

    Jed & Abby


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