the impending flyball turnamint post!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel the holidaze ar over eksept for noo yeerz witch as far as i no is a mayk beleev holiday ennyhow and that meenz it is time to git bak to flyball their is a turnamint nekst munth in the mithical sitty of irvine so i thawt i wood show evrywun sum old pikchers and viddyos of owr flyball trayning seshuns just in kayse yoo hav forgottin wot it luks like chek it owt!!!

as yoo probly no athleets sutch as myself git lots of perks and benefits for instanse this is me in my showferrd awtomobeel!!! also nown as mamas car!!!

ar we their yet??? ar we their yet??? ar we -- oh my bad the door is open

also athleets sutch as myself ar freekwently stawked by puparatzi so i hav to keep a sharp eye owt for them

enny puparatzi over their???
wot abowt over their???
*** crickets chirping ***
dont enny puparatzi want to tayk my pickcher???

ummmm wel yoo may not see enny puparatzi in those pikchers but that is becuz they ar so gud at hiding!!! but they ar their just wayting to tayk pikchers of me and my teemmayts!!! now wen wun is a faymus athleet sutch as myself it is importent to be kool kalm and kollekted as yoo can see this is me beeing all nonshalant with the slow tail wag:

but underneeth that isee eksteeryor beets the hart of a feerse competiter!!!

of korse flyball is a teem sport witch meens i am part of a well oyld masheen!!!

yes it is not eezee beeing an all star!!!

all in a days wurk for dennis the vizsla dog!!!

but hay sumwun has got to do it and it shoor isnt going to be tucker!!!

"This road looks just like the hallway in my house."

ennyway i wil keep evrywun posted with updayts as turnamint day approatches!!! ok bye

21 thoughts on “the impending flyball turnamint post!!!

  1. The puparatzi have telephoto lenses. Be careful. They love to take sneaky pictures of famous celebrities such as yourself picking your nose or licking your boy parts.


  2. *snicker* I think Tucker and Lilac might be on the same team!

    Dennis, it looks like you have a lot of training ahead of you to get back into flyball shape. We will be cheering for you on tournament day!


  3. I can’t get enough of your super flyball action. Looks like one of your teammates needs a lesson, though. Kind of missed the jumps. I am also concerned about those shortie dogs.



  4. Of course you are a team player – after all your great adventures, flyball has got to be like a walk, erm, run in the park. And you’ve got a Yorkie on your team? Dude. Watch out for those ankle-biters – they can be vicious (and then look at their parents all cute-like, and their parents just melt under their relentlessly cute eyes…). Heehee. Have fun, and good luck! (And how is New Year’s a made up holiday? Just curious… I mean, if we didn’t have a new year every once in a while, we’d still be on Year 1, day 5,643,897,489 – which would make writing checks very confusing and calendars would be, well, ridiculous… )

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  5. Wow Red Lightning you are a total flyball maniac. That teensy little dog on the team does a good job keeping the pace with all you big dogs. Have fun & be careful of your eyes because you know what they say. It’s all fun & games till somebody loses an eye…
    I had forgotten about Tucker’s wheelchair. He looks so relaxed in their. Just be careful out there Tucker TMBTDVD remember that speed kills so keep a tight rein on it buddy


  6. Dennis, that was heaps cool. Who cares if the paparazzi are there hiding. You deserve to have your photo taken. Take care speed demon. No worries, love Carol.


  7. Man YOU’VE got some SERIOUS moves there. I always wanted to get Loki into flyball but i’m afraid he’ll just go off and play bitey with an unsuspecting player because he’s a doofus that way.

    we are tres jaloux here in CH… tres tres jaloux.


  8. Dennis, I wants to do da flyballs,and I thinks I can do it good, but mineownmamma thinks I cants runs fast enuff cuz I gots short legs. What can I tells her to get her to sing me up? Magic da corgifluff


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