24 thoughts on “Trixie Tuesday

  1. Tired Trixie Tuesday!

    Two for Trixie Tuesday…

    Too Tired Tuesday.

    ok, i’m out of Ts. I still think Dennis was going to be named Tennis, right? because of all the T’s in your house… not because of his love for Tennis balls… but then that just didn’t seem right so at the last minute you switched the T to a D so he wouldn’t get a complex…

    ok, you can Loki any name you want now… for my bad sense of humor…


  2. Trixie, you look so peaceful. Be careful though I am sure there is an exploding blanket right next to you and you never know when it willl blow up!


  3. You are just as beautiful in repose as you are up running the affairs of the family, Trixie. I must admit, though, I don’t know how you can deal with Tucker and Dennis and keep your wits about you. Three cheers for the beautiful Trixie!



  4. Hi Trixie, nice to meet you. You sure look comfy. How come Dennis lets you rest like that? Are you the Queen of the castle? No worries, love Carol.


  5. Oh Trixie you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind.
    Hey trixie!!!
    Hey trixie!!!
    Sorry didn’t mean to be so loud. Enjoy your sleep little princess


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