its the sunday i meen friday awards and meem show noo yeerz eev and so long for now edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy noo yeerz eev!!! as a capper to the yeer i thawt i wood do a final awards and meem show for too thowsand ten and also i wanted to say a proper temporary gudbye to all my nice reederz on akkownt of dada sez i hav to go on hiaytus agin until he finishes this buk apparently he is feeling time pressher witch fortchoonatly is sumthing us dogs dont hav to wurry abowt!!! wel eksept wen it impindjes on owr blogging time of korse ha ha ok lets git started!!!

thats rite dada is doing wot the ninja hedjhogs and the stuffies and santa and scroodj and smurfs and chikkins frum owter spayse cud not do he is shutting down produkshun on my blog!!! not forever of korse just until he finishes wurking on this buk of his!!! he has promissd me that he wil let me put up fotos now and then but probly not evryday and he wil not be aybel to dokyooment my absolootly troo and undoktord fotos of my adventchers for a wile ennyway he shoor has got his prioriteez skrood up!!!

ok now i do hav a kuple of awards for this show!!! first is the versatil blogger award frum owr gud frends coco and tiffy!!!

thanks so mutch coco and tiffy!!! of korse this award comes with roolz and stuf but beeing as it is the last day of the yeer and that i am going on hiaytus i hav deesided that i am not going to play by the roolz i am a rebel that way!!!

ok nekst is the koveted jack la lane jooser award wot wuz givin to me by my gud frends at the poodle and dog blog!!! or at leest by there eevil twin skippy!!!

now yoo may remember that i wuz tayken to kort not long ago for giving away toaster ovens in ekschayndj for awards but nobody sed i cudnt giv away joosers!!! ha ha in yore fayse justiss sistem!!!

i want to thank all my nice reederz wot hav followd me for the last three yeerz and do not wurry i wil be bak!!! just like the faymus jeneral macarthur park wunse sed!!!

and thats a rap!!! i wil be seeing yoo all arownd now and then until i am bak frum hiaytus!!! ok bye

42 Comments on “its the sunday i meen friday awards and meem show noo yeerz eev and so long for now edishun!!!

  1. Happy New Year, Dennis. Hope your dada’s book goes well. You’re so good at telling stories, maybe if you help him he’ll finish the book faster and you can come back sooner. We will miss you all.


  2. Yay, you actually had awards this time!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and your father gets lots of time to finish his book. Happy New Year!


  3. Oh, no, Dennis! Will you double paw promise that you will be back? Cuz I just don’t know what I’m gonna do without all your Most Magical adventures! Humans are just the ker-aziest, aren’t they? Oh, well…I hope your dada gets his book done in record time so that you can come back and visit us real soon. And I hope your dada’s book is a HUMONGOUS success and that he makes lots of green papers for you to have a never-ending river of treats.

    Okay, bye.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  4. We will miss you and your escapades! Hope dada’s book is a great success! We’ll all be looking forward to the book and an occasional blog from you, Dennis… hoping you, dada, and the rest of your family have a wonderful 2011!


  5. Dennis, please ask Dada to post any flyball videos or pix you might produce. We love seeing them.

    Okay, Bye!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby


  6. I don’t post very much, but I look forward to your blog each and every day. I will miss you. I wish you and your family the very best and will continue to follow this blog until you return.
    Your faithful blog servant.


  7. Oh dear Dennis! Mamma is crying!! She says that the first thing she does every morning is to read you blog and your crazy adventures because it always puts her in a very good mood so she can get on with her day with a smile on her face! WHAT WILL SHE DO NOW!!! I am afraid she will be a perpetual grump until you return 😦 We hope your Dadda can type fast, and we will still check in every day just in case you decide to put up a post or two. Maybe she might have a few good days……

    We want to wish you the best success in your new book, and a happy healthy New Year, Love Daisy, Roscoe, Mouse, Milk and Tweet, oh and Mamma too.

    PS Did you win the Quiddich Championship?


    • hello pink daisy its dennis the vizsla dog hay tel yore mama not to cry i wil be bak i promiss!!! and i wil stil put up kyoot pikchers now and then like maybe for wurdless wensdays!!! ennyway i wil see evrywun agin before too awfly long!!! ok bye


  8. We are sure going to miss your crazy adventures for a while! We wish your dada all the best of luck on finishing that book! Darn it, we might have to actually read the first one now instead of just letting it sit there. 😛 May 2011 bring much adventure and book sales to you!


  9. Oh, Dennis, somehow we knew this was coming. We are going to miss you a lot, but we do understand. We wish your Dada lots of success with his new book. And we hope that 2011 brings all of you good health and happiness.

    Happy New Year.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and the Momster


  10. Happy New Year!!
    We wish you a joyful life
    full of healthy, happiness and pleasure 🙂

    Hugs Love Anya

    Kareltje =^.^=

    Betsie =(^.^)=


  11. Hello Dennis, I was just getting to know you. This will give me time to catch up on all your old blogs until you are back. Good luck with the book Dennis Dad. No worries, love Carol.


  12. Hey Trixie –

    It looks like your dada needs woo to paw some of those book stuffs fur him!

    Happy Gnu Years to all!



  13. Happy New Year!! Peri and Gilly have just had their first walk at the dam for 2011, it’s sunny and warm. Hope you enjoy the new year break!!


  14. Well Dennis you KNOW we are gonna miss you. We don’t necessarily know WHY we will miss you, butt we will never the less.
    We DO understand that Dada wants to do this book thingy, and my mom is one of his biggest supporters in this endevour.
    Just Pawmise that you Truly Will come back. I’m just sayin.


  15. Here I was all happy about celebrating the new year and now I feel sad that you won’t be such a MAJOR part of it. I would feel better if you gave me the Jack LaLanne Froot Jooser Award, that would help. Whaddya say, Dennis?

    Happy New Year and good luck to Dada on his new book.



  16. Dennis- I will not laugh until you return to entertain me. I promise. Maggie the Vizsla. My momma gets focused when she writes too. At least that’s what she calls it. I think she is just impatient and grumpy. Make dada go for walks at least.


  17. Well, Dennis, unless your dada works, he can’t buy you your favorite foods. So help him get the book finished.

    Wags from the baddogs! Happy New year to you and your family.


  18. Unbelievable! You are going on hiatus so dada can type on the computer more? As if! Well, hope he works fast because I, for one, will really miss you. Maybe you should spend the time getting your private jet in shape to take dada on his book tour.



  19. Dennis, I’ll miss reading your blog (that now magically delivers itself to my email box, no idea how or why) but I know exactly what it’s like to prioritize. Have a nice break and don’t bug your Dada too much while he’s working! Hope to see you again soon, and Happy New Year!


  20. We will miss you Dennis but understand that the book is important to your Dada. Will eagerly await your return


  21. Drat! Just when I’m going to try to stay current with all of my blog reading. Enjoy the doggie/kitty/mousie, etc. hiatus and good luck with the book!


  22. Happy New Year to all of you!
    I hope I can see you soon again!
    Kisses and hugs


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