41 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Hiatus, Shmiatus

  1. Job well done Dennis. I am sure he got the point!!!
    I was afraid you might end up missing MangoMinster 2011. Whew.


  2. Haha! Good job, Dennis! That’ll show him! I am always very much in awe of your de-stuffing prowess. It makes my picture today look like puppy-play. I shall have to study your techniques harder.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  3. Ha ha ha! Dennis, you managed to miss getting some feathers on the chair. I’m sure you can rectify this soon, since dada will be busy!

    We have a gift for you on the blog tomorrow, for when you come off hiatus! 😉


  4. Dennis- mom isn’t going to let me keep reading your blog if you do this. We just got a 24-pack of TP here. But I am not tempted by such things. However… I did have extra cookies on Christmas. I humbly suggest to you that they taste better than tissue paper. Maggie the Vizsla (oh, I did get my nose slapped, but what else could she do? I had already swallowed!) ;-P


  5. I dunno Dennis – is any part of that mug of yours photoshopped? To us, you look as if… well… you feel a bit smug about that truly great job you did there.
    (Happy New Year! Looks like nothing’s changed!)
    Sammie and AValon


  6. Dennis, you are an inspiration to us, although you strike terror into mama’s heart. We’ve taken to destuffing sofa pillows, but we haven’t moved up to destuffing sofa cushions yet. Looks like excellent if fleeting entertainment. And dada gets a lot of “thinking” time to cogitate on his book while he’s cleaning up, so really you’re helping his creative process. Good of you to post photos of you and Trixie while your dada is so busy. We like to see visual proof that you’re all alive and well.

    Jed & Abby


  7. Gudness golly gosh Dennis, yoo reely did a good job of riping its inards owt. I haven’t eva dun that eksept for my prevyusly deeseest teddys. Oh I kild anuva wun to def yestaday & woz gunna post it on my blog wot daddy finks is reely his blog but he beet me to it wiv anuva silly cartoon.


  8. Hey Dennis!
    Wow, I think it looks suspiciously like a pillow self-destructed in your house. Now, I can personally vouch for the fact that sometimes these things do this when we dogs are busy, then we take the blame. I’m sure that’s what really happened. You would never, well, hopefully never do this and risk the rath of the peeps. My guess is that it was a fluff destruct moment and you just happened to be there in the aftermath.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


  9. Dennis it’s your fav reeder norweed
    Hey wow Iooks to me that I haven’t missed a beat. Still up to home decorating.

    PS- dada needs a break sometimes. perhaps your muppet pals can entertain us while he’s on break.


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