its the sunday inappropryat fantasee type aktivity show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo no meen old dada put me on hyaytus to wurk on his stoopid buk i shoor do miss visitting all my frends and stuf but fortchoonatly my gud frend mango relentlessly huge rites a lot faster then dada and has thawtfully supplyed him with an ending wot he can yooze!!! so dada sinse yoo hav the ending that meens yoo can git bak to wurk on my blog rite??? rite??? hmph lazy old dada ennyway yoo can reed the ending on his blog wot is not neerly as popyoolar as mine i gess he figgerd sinse it didnt hav dogs in it he wood hav to post it over their insted of heer!!! ha ha ok bye

14 Comments on “its the sunday inappropryat fantasee type aktivity show!!!

  1. We are missing you, Dennis. What’s wrong with him just saying The End? BOL We are off to check out the ending.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. If we’d known that all that was needed was an ending to the story, we’d have gotten to work ourselves! Heck, we’ve got you an award for the Sunday Awards and Memes Show and an ending to the book. Problem solved!


  3. I had hoped there would be some fluffy tail akhtion –

    But then again, maybe there was 😉

    PeeEssWoo: No wonder The DOH neglekhted Pea on his DexterDay!


  4. Boy, that ending has something for everyone – fantasy, romance, violence, sex, dragons, and a voluptuous over-40 who dumps the narcissistic loser and gets the 6-pack guy! This will definitely sell big to the market that still buys actual books: women over 40. Dada may have picked up on the fact that this demographic does not like to be messed with. Hope Mango isn’t going to be the latest to desert the dogblog world to write a book!

    Jed & Abby


  5. Geez, Dennis, my mom can’t compete with mango on yummy messy endings like that! But she’s thinking of sewing a vest on a button. Maggie the Vizsla.


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