32 thoughts on “Terrorized Thursday: Is The Bird Gone Yet?

  1. Oh, no, Dennis, we can’t believe you are in the closet over a tiny bird. Aren’t you a bird dog? Perhaps you could try Buddy’s solution for dealing with annoying high-pitched sounds (such as sirens or the answering machine) – howl! That would shut the bird up. Works with the sirens and answering machine every time. Try it, Dennis. It might work.


  2. Interesting. When we were watching the Westminster Dog Show the other night, they didn’t say anything about how parakeets were the eternal nemesis (nemeses?) of Vizslas. Of course, they didn’t mention anything about the Vizsla’s desire to go on Great Adventures, or how they look dashing in fedoras, so we’re thinking we only got an abbreviated description from the man on the teevee. That said, I think you’ll be pretty safe in that closet. Besides, there looks like there are all sorts of things to chew on in there. Just saying…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus (and we’re both Quite Happy that Mom and Dad have not inflicted an Evil Parakeet upon us…)


  3. Hey Dennis!
    Wow, that must be some scary bird. Mom says maybe it’s a pteradactyl or something instead. Maybe Frankie’s right and it’s a squirrel in disguise. Either way, you might want to poke your head out and if this bird’s small…just give him a big ole Dennis bash! Well, maybe that would get you in the doghouse with the peeps. Run Tippi!!!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


  4. Oh gosh Dennis. A parakeet. really??? Scooter will come and vanquish him for you. Or Sunny, or perhaps our new sundog. He may be overkill tho, Scooter is callin his military connections to get over and take care of it.
    (I know-we have been quiet so long. We are trying to remedy that. We have missed your venshurs! And Scooter would like to walk the moon again. he says he can still get that shuttle!!!)
    Cmon over and see the 3rd Texas Sundog if you would like!
    Sunny and the rest of us


  5. Why does dada assume that you are confused? He has written enough scary books to know that sometimes things are not what they seem. I believe that you are warning your family to beware the bird. If only they would listen.



  6. Oh Dennis! All that fuss over a little bird? I’m guessing it’s unlikely that he’ll lead an army of space trolls to attack you!

    You have been watching The Birds, haven’t you?!


  7. Listen, Dennis, just tell Tucker it is an eating bird, and they are very tasty, and then hide his dish so when he gets hungry it will be Bye, Bye Birdie and fast! Tucker doesn’t waste anytime when he sees food, does he? Bird=Food. Simple as that.




  8. Dennis… I can’t believe a birdie scares you!
    Get out of that closet and face him! I know you can do it!
    Happy weekend!
    Kisses and hugs


  9. A parakeet?? Really?? Sorry, I should try to be more understanding. heh heh heh I adopted a parakeet once from the SPCA and he could give one nasty bite when he wanted to so I can understand your fear. 😉


  10. I think Dennis is wise to look for shelter. Birds are like miniature bomber aircrafts. Birddroppings flying around carry bacterias. And that’s how dogs get red eye.


  11. Wow, that looks like one of those Where’s Waldo puzzles. Are you doing a Where’s Dennis book?
    And for Pete’s sake, what’s all this talk about you & Tucker being hunting dogs? YOU’VE GOT A CAT! Cats know how to handle birds. Especially small birds that are beneath the notice of serious bird hunting/retrieving dogs.

    Jed & Abby


  12. AHHHH! Dennis! And I was planning on having You over for tea….but there’s a hummingbird mamma who has made her home RIGHT above our door (REALLY! TWO BABIES!!!!), so….perhaps after they’ve flown the coop! Sending You Hugs and Keeeeses and saying it’s nice to see You, I walk away wishing You courage in the face of feathered ones! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂


  13. Thank you James for sending me the link to this post!! Poor Dennis scared of a wee Parakeet! What a character he was. I am so glad we got to know him & you thru your blog! Run free Dennis & don’t let those wee birds scare you!!! Siddhartha Henry will ‘purrtect’ you!!!! 😉
    Sherri-Ellen & BellaDharma


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