12 thoughts on “Announcing Monday Matinee

  1. Dennis
    I’ve missed you vewy much!!!1
    That loooks wathew exciting, and a little scaiwy too, but I can’t wait
    smoochie kisses


  2. Hey Dennis!
    Wow, it’s nice to see you! Cool movie poster. If you get beamed up, say hi to Luke and Mr Spock for me!
    Grr and a Chuckling Woof,
    Sarge, COP


  3. Did Dada FINALLY finish his magnum opus? Or at least his most recent opus? About time.

    So is this a preview of an actual upcoming adventure, or are you just teasing us with a taste of an adventure we’ll never get to see? Abby loves the concept of a doghouse of justice. Unfortunately, she is unable to contribute financing for your possible proposal for a major motion picture. Not that you asked or anything. OH! Jack has this fantastic baseball collection; maybe he’d be willing and able to provide some financial backing, if he sold some of his collection.

    Jed & Abby


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