a skolarly treetis on wot the hek dennis haz ben up too!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay its munday and that meenz i git to do a post!!! now before we jump rite in to all my kurrent adventchers i thawt it wood be a gud ideea to fil evrywun in on wot i hav ben up to sinse krool krool dada mayd me stop posting evry day so he cud finish his silly buk witch i mite add is stil not dun!!! git the led owt dada!!! ha ha i like to kid dada on akkownt of he is a slacker ok so ennyway heer goze!!!

ok now as yoo may remember i wuz having problems with the doghowse of justiss reesently in witch it wood strand me in varyus playses for no apparent reezon but as it terns owt their wuz a method to the doghowses madness yes thats rite it wuz yoozing me to stop a nefaryus interdimenshunal plot by a most eevil forse chek it owt!!!

yes thats rite it wuz an eevil parakeet konspirasee to tayk over the multiverse!!!

so that wuz how i stopt the eevil parakeet plot to tayk over middel erth but they didnt stop their oh no they didnt!!! they also had a sinister plot to yooze the faymus lost ark of the millet seed to win wurld war too!!!

but thru the klever yoose of disinformayshun i defeeted them their too!!! ha ha in yore fayse parakeets!!!

but the parakeets wer not dun not by a long shot!!!

of korse keetzilla wuz no match for my mad biplayn flying skillz!!!

so as yoo can see roomerz that i am sum sort of kowardly parakeet feering vizsla dog ar grately eksadjerayted!!! ha ha ha uh oh wot is that???

wel i didnt want that bratwurst ennyway!!! and now yoo ar all up to speed on wot i hav ben dooing wile dada noodels arownd not finishing his buk!!!

ha ha see yoo nekst week ok bye

25 thoughts on “a skolarly treetis on wot the hek dennis haz ben up too!!!

  1. Happy to see you’ve not run off and have been keeping busy. You’ve got to get after your Dada and make sure he helps you post your adventures! Parakeets are evil. I used to have some. They are noisy and filthy. Sorta cute but not worth the trouble. Speaking of Trouble, why didn’t she just eat the ‘keet and save everybody the bother?


  2. aaah, dennis, you never change. that’s good to know, it is!!! and tell dada to get that leash, your walk is your walk and should never be denied!!!!


  3. Glad to hear the rumors were greatly exaggerated, Dennis. And now that you’ve thwarted that plot, if another band of budgies tries to take over the world, you’ll be leading the charge to defeat them. Good job, Dennis.


  4. I am most happy to see The Beautiful Trixie (I loved the pic of her showing her teeth! How gorgeous can a dog get?) there to blast your silly ideas. Doesn’t anyone ever feed Tucker? There’s another pathetic case. If that is three months of adventure, Dennis, you must be moving in triple slow motion (like dada, hahahaha),



  5. We loved the skolarly treetis but the sub plot made us very hungry. Are you helping dada with his book or just saving the universe from evil doers?


  6. Why is your Dad slacking on his book? Oh. It’s a human thing. Mom’s slacking on her book, too, and she’s not even established like your Dad. As for those parakeets?!? Eeesh. RUN!!!! (But bring the bratwurst!)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  7. Dennis
    Those pawakeetses neawly scaiwed the pants off me..thank dog you awe so bwave..Twixie sue is a deew, and a littol naive , I must say.
    I’m so sowwy thought that those hedgehogs awe still bothewing you and wowse still, staling youw bwatwuwst.
    I’cd stay safely on the sofa and have youw Dadda bwing you foodabulls, since he’s twying to avoid witing anyway
    smoochie kisses


  8. OMD…. DENNIS you really MUST light a fire under your Dada’s tail… OHHHHHHH a whole new adventure THAT would be!!! I have missed you soooooo much.


  9. Sure Dennis, whatever you say. No way you were ever scared of the parakeet, right? Obviously you were just protecting the estate from yet another evil force. So many of them out your way. Good to see you still have your super hero powers.



  10. Hmmm… Dada must be up to about 287,000 pages by now. Maybe you should write for a while and Dada can save the universe. You have a demonstrated gift for fiction [see Exhibit A above; Exhibit B is the rest of your blog back to the In the Beginning part]. And you know your fiction will make popular movies, because it already has. Slam dunk. Nice to have you back!

    Jed & Abby


  11. Gosh Dennis I have spent my life entirely misled. I really did think that parakeets were harmless little cute birds that just nibbled seed all day & said “Who’s a pretty boy” How wrong I was. Thank you for educating me on these ferocious creatures.


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