12 thoughts on “Overheard Around The House

  1. daisydog says:

    Oh oh! Well I am glad that there is an adventure to look forward to, but I think Dennis may need some medication for his anxiety somnce Dr. Phil is, um, poof gone.


  2. Hi Dennis!

    I’m probably late to the party, but I just realized you’re back on the air. And with Dr. Phil no less. I also can’t take my eyes off the top of your entertainment center which looks like a fire hazard in and of itself, especially if you’re going to be fireballing celebrities on TV.


  3. Tony McGurk says:

    Ha Ha Ha Hilarious post Dennis. I love the way you make up these totally fictional stories. I mean a big tough adventurous Vizsla afraid of a budgie… Hilarious, you have such an over active imagination!!!
    BTW I have gone back to self hosting my blog. http://tmcomics.com


  4. Jed & Abby in MerryLand USA says:

    Magic coaster? Better stop off and get trip insurance, Dennis. And major medical. And Trixie. In yet another triumph of hope over experience, we see you are still trusting Trouble to guide your actions. Vaya con Dios, dude.

    Jed & Abby


hello nice reeder its dennis the vizsla dog hay leev me a peemail if yoo want to!!! ok bye

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