Dennis Livingston Vizsla

17 Comments on “Dennis Livingston Vizsla

  1. UMMMMMM Dennis… I hate to tell you this.. BUTT … Once Again… you have been
    Pooped on!!! There seems to be No escape fur you.


  2. You cannot trust a bird, Dennis, you CANNOT trust a bird. Sooo nasty!

    All I can say is it looks nice where you are but whats next?


    (Hey Trixie, why not stop by for another week or two. We can have some fun!)


  3. Wow Dennis that was the most intense conversation. Did you get it?


  4. Glad to see that Dennis made it to Catalina. I hear that Dada loves the place!


  5. Dennis!
    Did the bird poo on you???
    Kisses and hugs


  6. Dennis the flyn’ vizsla. You got wonderful photos of the island. How do you take such great photos with no thumbs? Must be a talented vizsla camera trick. Hope you get to go back soon to the island for fun and relaxation.
    Brian and Joanne


  7. Hey Dennis!
    Wow, I think you should whack that birdie with your umbrella! Nasty thing anyway. Obviously it was a good thing you had your hat on!
    I think I need a dictionary or something after listening to that birdie.
    Grr and a Slightly Confused Woof,
    Sarge, COP


  8. dogs are very practical- we know that eating, sleeping and pooping are very important. but not when the pooping is on us. maggie the vizsla- mom says she will have capital letters again in a few days


  9. That bird had the last word. Well, you can console yourself that in some cultures being poo-d on by a bird is lucky. Really. Now you know how dumb some people are 🙂


  10. That’s a lot of words and we’re just simple-minded dogs – BUT we love the flying umbrella! Did you borrow that from Mary Poopins, um, POPPINS, or is it a replica? Very cheeky hat, too!

    The Road Dogs


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