the other kitty went away

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am afrayd i hav to interrupt the story of my kwest to unkover the seekrets of the mithical iland of catalinalantis to pass along the sad nooz that my sister trouble the kitty went away

az yoo may rekall it wuz not long after i got heer that troubles sister pooh bear went away so i gess now pooh and trouble are together agin

trouble wuz a gud kitty oh shoor she repeetedly tried to kill or at leest permanently eksile me and the other dogs not to menshun tayk over the wurld but she never sukseeded so she cudnt have reely had her hart in it rite???

it wil be strayndj not having her arownd to giv me spoorius advice or run over me with her cat cup

i am shoor that she is with pooh bear over the raynbow bridj rolling arownd in catnip i no she is not chaysing mice on akkownt of she didnt pay attenshun to mice eeven wen they were running arownd rite in frunt of her

ennyway i hope all owr frends wot hav gawn over the bridj befor trouble wil stop by and say hello to her just dont step on her she always hayted that

sleep wel trouble until we meet agin ok bye

Trouble the Kitty, 1991 - 2011

53 thoughts on “the other kitty went away

  1. Oh, dear, we’re sorry to read this news, Dennis. Trouble sure lived a long life and starred in many an adventure. We’re going to miss her. We’re sure your dada and all of you will miss her a lot. Purrs and wags in honor of Trouble.


  2. We are so very sorry for your loss 😦 Trouble will be sorely missed…
    We are thinking of all of you at this difficult time… I’m sure that our sweet Tucker (who crossed the Rainbow Bridge two years ago) was there to greet her at the bridge… he will take good care of her 🙂

    Bodi & Oliver (our V’s) are sending their love!!


  3. To Dennis and the whole family we send our deepest condolences. (Mamma’s crying she loved Trouble) We will make sure that Sprocket stops by to see Trouble and help her find some at the Bridge. She was well loved by not just all of you but all of us, as we enjoyed her adventures.


  4. Oh, Dennis, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of one of the world’s last Truly Great Evil Minds. It sounds like Trouble and Mr. Bufus will have a great time together tormenting, ah, educating unsuspecting dogs and not chasing mice together (the only time Mr. Bufus killed a mouse is when he sat on it…. mousing was not his strong suit). Trouble is going to be deeply missed.

    -Fiona and Family


  5. Dennis, I’m so sorry to read here about your loss. Trouble was a great companion and I know there was never a dull moment around there with her planning and scheming. She will be missed.


  6. I am sending you my condolences on the loss of the very wicked Trouble the cat.. 20 years is a long time for a kitty to live and she just got better at badness all the time. Do you think the Beautiful Trixie’s haircut sort of shocked her system in anyway?

    I will think good thoughts of her being at the Rainbow Bridge, and hoping very strongly she doesn’t run into Joe Stains right away.

    Kisses and sympathy,



  7. Oh, Dennis, we are so sorry to hear about Trouble. She really was a very pretty kitty. We are sure she is having a grand time with all our furry furiends across that bridge. Gentle hugs and soft woos to you and your family.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  8. We are so sorry to hear about the loss of Trouble. She added the right touch of evil and common sense to all that went on around her.


  9. We are so sorry about Trouble Dennis, but we also know she is over the rainbow bridge plotting and planning. What wonderful memories we will carry of her!!

    Smiley tears!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo


  10. Oh, Dennis…my heart is just broken in two hearing about Trouble. And my momma’s eyes are leaking. We know underneath her murderous fa-sawed beat a heart of pure gold (or catnip?). She always made me laugh and she’s sure gonna be missed on your bloggie – just like I know she’s gonna be missed around your house.

    We’re all sending you and your family soft thoughts at this very sad time.

    Gentle wiggles & wags,


  11. Hey Dennis.
    I am so, so sorry to hear about Trouble. I really enjoying reading about all the fun you two got into. I’m sure you are very sad, but the other side of the bridge is a happy place and I’m sure you’re right that there is an unlimited supply of catnip and cushy beds to nap on. I am sending warm thoughts to your whole pack.
    Grr and a Sorrowful Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend


  12. Oh Dennis, this is such sad news indeed.
    I am sure that Trouble is.. Rrrr EK Ing Have UCK on the other side of the Bridge.
    My all of your wonderful memories make this time less painful.
    Sincerely, Frankie


  13. Dennis
    It is wif a heavy heawt that I am weding that youw sissie Twouble had to go away
    I know that she is chasing some of the woofie angels awound thte bwidge as we speak and she and Poo can have all theiw adventoowes togethew again, but we will miss hew hewe vewy much

    Sweet dweams Twouble

    see you someday ovew the bwidge

    my healing smoochies to you Dennis and all youw family fow youw sad heawts


  14. Me and my cat Charlie came over from Jan’s Funny Farm and AFSS’s blogs. We are truly sorry to her that your gorgeous sisfur Trouble has gone to the Bridge. Of course she was an most wonderful kitty at heart even if she did try and take over the world and chase you sweet woofies around. She sounds utterly amazing. Please take care x


  15. We are furry sorry to hear bout your kitteh, Trouble. That’s a great name fur a kitteh. Purrs and nosetaps to you and the woofies. Pee ess – We saw this on Alasandra’s blog.


  16. Oh Dennis I am sorry to hear about your kitteh sister Troubles. I hopes she has gotten to meet my kitteh brudder TRoubles at the bridge. He was Evil to doggies too so he will make a nice furiend for Trouble.

    woof – Tucker


  17. Dennis, my friend, so sad to hear about your kitty friend Trouble leaving us for this bridge place you speak of. I hope to never go there, but some day, I am sure it will happen and if it does, I will be looking for her so I can chase her up a tree and make her tell the secrets of the Dog House of Justice and how she got those Ninja Hedghogs to do her bidding. Your friend, Clover

    Denny, dude! so sad, so sorry, so long to Trouble. Your friend, Cosmo


  18. Dennis and Family,

    It’s strange, I never met Trouble the Kitty, and I always felt just a little afraid of her, but I feel very sad to know that she’s gone. I know she lived a charmed life in that crazy bed of hers with wheels, and that’s something a lot of dogs and cats never have. I’m wondering if we should all be a little afraid now that she has eternity to plot world domination. Please know that we’re all sad for you, and thinking about you, too!

    Bunny and her family


  19. Hello there Dennis,
    I am really sorry to hear about Trouble’s departure. She looked like such a nice kitty and I know you are all going to miss her a lot. Those truly are beautiful pictures of her. I’m sorry I didn’t know her in real life. But I know that my great-uncle, Maxdog, will be there to meet her and welcome her across the Rainbow Bridge. Your peeps must be really sad and i am sorry for them. Please send our love and hugs to them.


  20. We are so sad to hear of sweet Troubles passing. “Remember it’s not goodbye, but see you again Miss Trouble”.
    Sad sugars,


  21. Dennis
    hey hi it’s me nordude. I’m furry sorry about Trouble. We will all miss her. I still think she will guide you into trouble from above… that sweet angel kitty on your shoulder now.


  22. Stopping over from Mango and Dexter’s blog. We are sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Trouble. We didn’t have the opportunity to know her better but can tell she was very well loved and cared for. Sniffs, The HoundDogs


  23. We are sadden to hear Trouble has crossed over the bridge. It was nice to see those special photos and get a glimpse of Trouble’s life. We are especially fond of the off road cat bed. Thank goodness Dennis never tailgated that bed on the road. Trouble has a life of royalty. 20 years of being loved and ruler of a gentle pack. Beautiful, beautiful Trouble will be missed.
    We are so sorry.
    Brian, Joanne


  24. Hi Dennis and Family. We are very sorry to learn of Trouble’s passing. We know she is in good company, but we are sending you all some gentle rottie kisses anyway.

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby


  25. Dennis, we join in offering our deepest condolences for your loss. Trouble was an extraordinary kitteh and she will be missed. Hope life isn’t too dull without her.

    Jed & Abby


  26. Dawling Dennis
    It’s still howwid hot hewe , I might have to ask you to send youw plane fow me. I hope that you and youw family awe not tewwibully sad..i know Twouble is safe ovew the wainbow and was so lucky to be pawt of youw family..Dennis, guess what, I need to leawn Hungawian cause we might be moving to budapest cause we can’t affowd hewe anymowe..sooo, I was wondewing, since you awe a vizsla and obviously must speak that language flloently, if you could come and too tuw me?
    smoochie kisses


  27. Dennis, dood, we is sorry dat Trouble has gone on to da bridge. The mom was a bit leaky when she read us dat. Soar high Trouble kitty and member its the second star to the right and straight on ’til morning fer da bridge.

    I is Jake!


  28. I am so very sad to hear about Trouble. She was in every way a proper cat: aloof, self-absorbed, clever, and antagonistic. We will miss her very much. I’m sure she’s very busy making frenemies with everyone at the Bridge right now. Sincere condolences in your time of loss…


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