26 thoughts on “Memorial Monday

  1. Hey Dennis.
    Very sweet service for your beloved. Look how many pups, cats, peeps, critters all showed up to pay their respects. I’m sure there will be good comfort food involved too! Loving thoughts to your whole pack.
    Grr and a Sorrowful Woof,
    Sarge, COP


  2. Dear Dennis,
    We are sorry for your loss. Charlie, the Cat, and I send our sympathies to you and your family. Just know that Trouble will be with you always, after all cats can’t help themselves.

    Quizz & Charlie, the Cat


  3. What a lovely service. So nice to see everyone together. Trouble the kitty lived a long adventure filled life. 20 years, that is 140 in dog years. Rest well Trouble. We will miss you.


  4. Beautiful memorial for dear, sweet Trouble. And yes Tucker… I’m sure that lunch will be served at the memorial 🙂 you will not go hungry 😉

    Hugs from the Morrison Clan!!!


  5. PAWfect memorial to Trouble. I was gonna read a speech.. butt you know Trouble has always kinda Scared me.. I was afraid of what might happen.
    So let me just say… Trouble… Enriched Our Lives and will be sorely missed.
    May there be acres and acres of Catnip JUST fur our dear depawted to… take control of!!! As only TROUBLE could!


  6. A very lovely service in memory of Troubles the Cat. My cat, Ali Zophia would like to know if she might have left a will or if she died intestate. What she really wonders is who gets the bed on wheels?

    Life at your house will be much quieter now, unless Troubles has figured out how to direct your family activities from the Rainbow Bridge. Hmmm, that is sort of a scary thought, isn’t it?

    Peace to You, Troubles!

    Stella and Ali Z


  7. Very nice memorial! We lit our candles for Trouble, although I’m sure she had some high-tech homing device that delivered her safely across The Bridge.

    I was thinking about this further, and if Trouble meets up with Billy (our evil toy poodle who was also Very Interested In World Domination, and who crossed The Bridge about 5 years ago – I didn’t know him, but from the stories, I’m still scared!), life on the other side of The Bridge could change forever. (Or maybe they’ll figure out how to manage World Domination from across the bridge. Oy. I could totally see that happening!)

    Tucker, I’m sure there will be food. I would imagine Trouble would have expected a full wake, with food and drink. And somehow managed to get Mr. Moneybags to foot the bill in the process.

    Frankly, I’m really worried about your Mom and Dada, Dennis. Who is going to stand between them and your, ah, termites now?

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona, Abby the Hippobottomus, and Mom and Pa Dranow


  8. Careful, Tucker! Who knows what Trouble might smite you with from Heaven! I think this might be my favorite tribute ever. Trouble the Kitty brought smiles to many and I think it only fitting that everyone would keep smiling, even though we’re sad to see her gone!


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