vote for pedro!!! i meen meadow!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay altho i am kurrently langwishing in prizzin for nonpayment of takses i wanted to tayk a moment to let evrywun no that my frend meadow the other reskyew vizsla is a finalist in a kontest to win ten thowsand dollarz for her reskyew groop in the mithical land of noo england!!!  yoo can reed all abowt it at her blog!!!  for those of yoo hoo do not no her meadow is a vizsla dog hoo wuz lost in the arktik waystland of upstayt noo york for three whole winterz!!!  wow that is eeven wurse than wen i wuz lost in the canyon!!!  ennyway if yoo do not no her go say hello and if yoo ar on the faysebuk and wood like to help her win yoo can vote for pedro!!!  i meen meadow!!!  ok bye

9 thoughts on “vote for pedro!!! i meen meadow!!!

  1. Hi Dennis – Meadow here. Thank you for asking your readers to vote in the contest! It would be awesome if we won, and we could help more rescued V’s with that money. I’m not sure what’s worse, being lost in a hot canyon, or the cold forest. Either way, I’m glad we both found great homes! Thanks again, Your Friend, Meadow the V


  2. Dennis – we are in trouble with the law now too. The facebook police say Mommy, Daddy, and ME, can no longer ask people to vote for me on Facebook. They say we were spamming. (I’m rolling my doggie eyes now). Can you believe it? It’s not like we were selling things, or harassing people. Looks like I’ll be sitting next to you in prison soon… 🙂


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