the ummmmm wunderful kitty of oz!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel we hav finaly reechd the inner sanktum of the wunderful wizzard of oz only to find owt that the wizzard of oz is in fakt trouble the kitty chek it owt!!!

amazingly enuf she stil appeerz to be willing to help us!!!

ummmm wel maybe

i ges it sort of deepends on how wun deefinz the wurd help

wow that bazooka joe shoor is deep!!! at leest trouble the kitty is willing to help that crazy walking hot water heeter git sum hare i wunder if she wil giv him a gift sertifikat to hare club for tin men ha ha

wel the tin man did ask for hare!!! he didnt say wot kind!!! ha ha ha

wel i gess thats evrywun eksept for oh crap now its my tern

Meanwhile …

6 thoughts on “the ummmmm wunderful kitty of oz!!!

  1. Who ever thought that Trouble would come back so much Bigger . . .she is an enormous cat!

    What has she given away so far? An empty Bazooka bubblegum wrapper and some bad hair for the tin guy. No big help there! What ever happened to Brenda the Good Witch? Has she shown up yet?

    Good luck you guys, you’re gonna need it!


    Stella who says hi to the beautiful Trixie and watch out for the guy with the funny hair.,


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