Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Bridge)

But then …

Later …

Later still …

15 Comments on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Bridge)

  1. Too early in the morning to process all of this one!

    PeeEssWoo: Did woo see The LollyPUP Guild?


  2. Once again, The Beautiful Trixie saves the day! Do any of you bozos ever thank Trixie for all that she does for you? Nah, I didn’t think so, but a nice lunch and layout for her would be a good place to start.

    So, how much did you get for the Tin Guy?



  3. Wow. Thats right, I forgot that Oz was over the Rainbow!! Glad Trouble is there taking care of the Munchkins and whatnot. I am sure that Glinda likes Kitties!


  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You know, we always thought Trouble would have the land across the Bridge under her Iron Paw in no time! (Nice work, Trouble. We always thought that green-skinned broom jockey was a bit of a pansy….) So, um, Dennis. We’re guessing you didn’t learn your lesson about chewing on shoes, huh. (Or any lesson at all….) But no ham sandwiches across the Rainbow Bridge?!? Oh, wait. TaiChi’s been there for a while now – I’m sure she took care of those ham sandwiches a long time ago…. As always, where would you boys be without Trixie to the rescue?

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  5. wheeeeeew…… I am very much glad that all is well …. FOR THE MOMENT. I was really worried when the Ruby slippers got chewed on. Ok bye. Frankie the Dachshund hehe


    • hello woos its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes i shoor did see owr frends on the other side of the bridj!!! frum the balloon we cud see evrywun running and playing and having fun!!! altho tucker wuz mostly intrested in trying to ketch flying chikkins!!! ok bye


  6. Hey Dennis!
    Wow, I’m glad you made it back from that strange place. I still think that Lollypop Guild was up to something. Anyway, glad you’re back. Trixie the penguin?!?! WTH
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


  7. Hey, Dennis! It’s so nice to see that over the Rainbow Bridge is as great as we’ve heard! We really liked seeing Trouble again and glad she’s having loads of fun!

    Sam and Pippen


  8. Nice to have it on reliable authority that there is, indeed, life after death over the Rainbow Bridge. And that we get to hang on to our individuality; Abby was a bit concerned about that. And it won’t be boring; Jed was concerned about that. Thanks, guys!

    Jed & Abby


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