fite the fyootcher!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i think i am finaly abowt to find owt wot happens to me in the fyootcher sutch that my fyootcher selvs had to come to my present self in order to chayndj wot happens in my fyootcher but there past in order to prevent the fyootcher frum coming to pass baysd on the present!!! or sumthing like that!!!

oh boy a moovee!!!

i hope it is sumthing gud!!!

aaiiiieeeeeee sparkly vampires!!!

aaiiiiieeeeee daleks!!!

aaaiiiieeeeeee … oh wayt thats me!!! hi me!!! oh wow it luks like i bekum a faymus soomoh ressler in the fyootcher!!!

whew for a minnit their i wuz wurreed that my sekund fyootcher self wuz going to show me and my first fyootcher self sumthing bad!!!

wel i gess i shud go praktiss my fyootcher soomoh ressler moovs i wil be bak layter!!! ok bye

18 thoughts on “fite the fyootcher!!!

  1. Soomoh wrestler. Awesome! You will need to put on a few pounds first. Of course, Dennis, that might also be a belly band which is really kind of unmanly. Like you might lose your pilot’s license if the FAA hears about it, so maybe time to reconsider your elimination options.



  2. Now we understand about the curtains; you peed on them and had to destroy the evidence. Good move. You did destroy the evidence, and not just hide it, didn’t you? And you left no witnesses, right? With luck, your peeps will put it down to separation anxiety and stop leaving you alone – ever.

    One of your future yous appears to have matured in a way that strains our credulity. Of course, that would be the best timeline for you to follow, if you can figure out how to control the choice. If you do figure it out, please share. That’s a skill we could sure use.

    Jed & Abby the Legal Beagle-mix Extraordinaire


  3. Dennis- I think you better check all packages that come in the house with the words “Depends” on them. Your future depends on it. Or you could just stop peeing in the house. Just sayin’- Maggie the Vizsla (whose mama was very unhappy about some similar activities in our house)


  4. Lets just start out by saying the f irst part of this blog post is probably one of the single most confusing things I have ever read, and even though I am fairly bright, I still don’t know what the Hail it means. Could you abbreviate all that into like maybe one line?

    If all that has to do with a belly band and peeing on the floor, all I can say to you, Dennis, is GET OVER IT! You can just quit it or wear a wet, Stinking belly band for the rest of your days, take your pick.!!!

    Stella and Zkhat


  5. Hey! We have those same party hats! I bet you photoshop, erm, shop at the same store we do! Heehee. So, um, Mom says something about how there are lots of theories of time travel (as I’m sure you know), but there is something about traveling into the past (in the case of your future selves) to change your future (their present) that doesn’t always work out so well. Something about butterflies and monsoons. Although I don’t know how monsoons fit in at all, unless you pee A LOT. But whatever; Mom’s crazy.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


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