mary krismas!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may remember sandy klawz and i hav had owr diffrenses in the past but i sent him a smooth tawking letter and we hav berreed the hatchit he even sent me a prezzent chek it owt!!!

now sum may be skeptikal of my noo frendship with sandy klawz but to them i say stop beeing so sinnikal!!! hav sum krismas speerit!!! otherwize yoo mite end up on the nawty list and beleev yoo me it is hard to git off it!!!

now it is just abowt time to open the prezzent!!!

hmm it has stopd tikking!!! time to unrap it!!!

oh boy oh boy oh boy what is inside???

duznt evrywun pee on there prezzents???

aaaiiiieeeeee ninja hedjhogs!!! dont they ever tayk a day off???

rottin ninja hedjhogs!!! if only i had the ninja hedjhog repellent wot i askd santa for then they wood be sorry!!!

i just no their wuz sumthing reely gud in that prezzent and those hedjhogs stole it!!! they ar so going to be on the nawty list nekst yeer!!!

oh wel at leest we stil hav that yummy ham wot tucker is librating frum the oven!!!

mary krismas evrybuddy!!! dog bless us evry wun!!! ok bye

Later …

Meanwhile …

25 thoughts on “mary krismas!!!

  1. Hey DENNIS… I think Peeing on Pressies is a MUCH more efficient way to know what goes to Who.. Those little NAME tags are soooo difficult to read.

    Sorry that your ham got burned…
    I hear that if you BURY burned meats.. in about a Week.. all the Charcoal Taste will be gone. You could give it a try.
    Happy Happy Dubble MARY Krismiss to YOU and all those who you Love.


  2. Dennis, my friend, Im so excited for Christmas and we’re having ham too and maybe just maybe “our woman” will find it in her heart to share some scraps with us because I love ham and its my favorite ever and we got presents from the “old folks” in Florida and there were jelly beans it in the package and when she’s not looking I intend to eat the whole package and not share with anyone including “stinky butt.” Have a great Christmas! Your, friend, Clover.

    Dennis, dude! Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you … and I say YUMMO to some smoked hedgehot. Coz


  3. Merry Christmas Dennis (and Tucker and Trixie)! Look at it this way, Dennis…. you’ve got 364 days to work on a way to get on Santa’s good side. WE haven’t pissed Santa off lately, and we got 3 boxes of different dog treats. Just saying…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  4. All’s well that ends well, I say! I’m glad everybody got their just desserts, but I am sorry about that ham. I hope you got some other really good presents, too! Merry Christmas, Dennis, Tucker, Trixie and Dada!


  5. Those hedgehogs ruine everything again. Tucker’s kitchen dilemma stole the show I’m afraid Dennis. What happened to Tucker’s head & body. He looks like he turned into a Greyhound. TTMBTDGD (Tucker the much better than Dennis Greyhound dog)


  6. Hey Dennis!
    Wow, I’m so super-embarrassed that I missed this post the other day. Boy, sorry I’m late. Looks like you had an exciting Christmas anyway. Glad the hedgehogs ended up with that pee-soaked bomb pressie. Hopefully the fuse still works! BOL I bet after you peeled off the layers of cinder, that ham was delish on the inside!
    I hope you and your whole pack had a wonderful, magical Christmas and I’m wishing you a fun-filled New Year. Thanks for always giving me a (sometimes confused) chuckle, my good furiend!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


  7. What a hoot! I ran across your posting because it said “Vizsla”… we have one too. So I couldn’t help but check it out. It was good for a laugh this morning. Hope you all had a great Christmas. Have a Happy New Year!


  8. Hulo Dennis & Tucker & Trixie & the Ninja Hejhogs & Santer Clors. Hay I just wanted to say Hulo. I am Dixie the Poodle’s nyoo littool bruva & I’ve got my own Gravatar now so I kan say hulo to uva dogs & peepul on the internetweb fing..


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