a skolarly treetis on the impending apokalips!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizlsa dog hay i hav reesently lernd that the erth is skedjoold to be destroyd this yeer as deepikted in the faymus dokyoomentry twenny twelv chek it owt!!!

as yoo can kleerly see frum this pikcher in the yeer twenny twelv the himalayan mowntins wil be overrun by ninja hedjhog frogmen!!! oh and also by jiant wayvs!!! now in the dokyoomentry the apokalips is averted by nun other then lloyd dobler!!!

after traveling by trains plains and automobiles to git to diane courts howse lloyd dobler beats the apokalips into submishun with the power of peeter gabriel way to go lloyd!!!

fireballz frum spayse ar no match for the power of aties pop myoozik!!!

wel now unfortchoonatly in reel life we wil need more then the power of peeter gabriel to stop the apokalips frum happening in the yeer twenny twelv espeshly now that it akchooally *IS* the yeer twenny twelv and it is too layt to avoyd the twenny twelv apokalips by for instanse skipping twenny twelv and going strait to twenny thirteen!!! now yoo may be wundring wot is going to kawz the apokolips and i hav it on gud awthority frum reeding stuf on the innerwebs that the ishyoo is that the blak hole in the senter of the milkee way is going to absorb a lot of gas at the end of the yeer and bayth the erth with raydeeashun!!! oh noes we ar all going to git fried!!!

wel eksept for spicoli he is all set with his dark glasses but the rest of us ar all going to git fried!!! now yoo may be wundring ware all of this eksess gas wot is being pulld into the black hole is coming frum i am shoor that the sientists and astrologers and wotnot ar hard at wurk trying to figger that owt but i alreddy no the anser chek it owt:

so kleerly it is up to me to sayv the wurld frum beeing destroyd by tuckers flatchoolense!!! altho to be onnest if yoo wer in the saym rum with him yoo mite be wishing the wurld wood end ha ha but seeryusly it is up to me!!! fortchoonatly i hav wun of the finest sientifik minds in the animal wurld at my dispozal i am of korse tawking abowt the mowse frum nimh!!!

and i hav trouble the kittys old laboratory ware she yoozd to konkokt her crazy skeems to tayk over the wurld!!! shoorly their wil be sumthing in heer wot i can yooze to sayv the wurld insted!!!

ennyway do not looz hope nice reederz becuz dennis the vizsla dog is on the job to stop the apokolips!!! and as yoo may remember i never giv up!!! ok bye

17 thoughts on “a skolarly treetis on the impending apokalips!!!

  1. What a relief to know you are on the job, Dennis. I agree with Jan though thinking you could just stay away from Trouble’s lab. I’m glad Spicoli is OK with the shades, I was just beginning to like him a lot!

    So do I understand correctly that the end of the earth is due to Tucker’s farting? I think you could put him on a highly restricted diet and then stock up on Beano, so there will beano gas. Not sure this would handle it all, but what the hey! you gotta start somewhere.



  2. Dennis, the problem is that the black hole is so very far away. It would take a long time for the fart to get there. Tucker may have already released the maybe not too silent but very deadly emission. So here’s what you can try, tape Mama’s vacuum cleaner to Doghouse of Justice and strap that onto future Dennis’s DeLorean and fly near (but not too close) to the black hole and suck in Tucker’s fart to save all of us. Only you can pull it off.


  3. Wow. Um. Just when we were thinking NASA had us covered – of COURSE they didn’t think about Tucker’s farts. We have faith that you will save us when no one else can! So, still with the belly band? Dude. It’s a total fashion ‘Don’t’… Just saying…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  4. With your scientific mind and Trouble’s laboratory, saving the world is a slam dunk. Now we can concentrate on larger issues like more treats for dogs.


  5. I always wondered about all that food Tucker was always eating! I can’t believe that we’re all going to die because of it! I have a feeling that somehow Trouble is still manipulating things even from the grave…


  6. And here I thought it was the political hot air of the coming election that was going to do it.Now I find out it is Tucker’s terrible farts. Oh well, way it goes.


  7. I’m glad you are on the case Dennis. BTW I sent Tucker a can of baked beans, was that a bad thing to do??? I have an idea. Why don’t you just move the black hole to somewhere else in the universe outside our galaxy


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