19 thoughts on “Observed Around The Driveway

  1. Who is the third Vizsla that fell from the explodo helicopter? Or was that an auto? Or another street sweeper? Where does Spicoli live?

    My very best wishes to the beautiful Trixie.



  2. Dennis, Dennis, Dennis. You never learn to listen to Trixie. She does have your best interest at heart.

    And we too are wondering who the extra dog is that fell out of the exploding car.


  3. Hey Dennis!
    Wow, it’s too bad Doc crashed the time car into the roof like that. Bummer. I wonder if I could get those crazy beavers to come here and sweep the snow from my driveway…hmmmmmm. Maybe not.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


  4. Ummmmmm Dennis I hate to tell you this butt I think your delorian is MORE than Dented.. I think it is possible Kung FUed beyond use.


  5. Oh man, did that plan go horribly wrong. Sorry Dennis. I hope no one was hurt when the DeLorean crashed into the hill side. While you are working on your next plan to save us all, don’t forget that you will need to help future Dennis get back to the future. I have head that if you do a warp-speed slingshot around something like a sun or a black hole, if you happen to be near one, you can travel in time. You know there is this warehouse near Univille, South Dakota that has some things that might help. Something like George IV Chaise that has super ability to absorb flatulence. Maybe they have free delivery if you order online. Just need a credit card I guess, can also use it to pay that stupid ticket the Kung Fu Beaver Street Sweeper left you. Well good luck, we are all counting on you.


  6. Ha ha ha! You’d think you would have warned yourself about crashing into the roof and being too late, too! Poor Trixie deserves sainthood! I hope that DeLorean isn’t too badly damaged…


  7. Hey Dennis, and James. I borrowed a section of your header to use for tomorrow’s “Today’s Featured Site” Hope you don’t mind but let me know if you do & I’ll remove it.


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