15 thoughts on “Observed Around The Interrogation Chamber

  1. OH NOOOOOOOOO you are goin to be tortured Dennis… SKINNED alive maybe. Or MASHED on the Head. WHIPPED into submission. Go ahead and give that evil Tater the full SKINny. I’m just sayin.


  2. Is that what those things are? Tater tots? I thought they looked more like cinnamon toasts. How can I “like” this post when I can’t even understand it? Would someone explain how we go from Tucker not allowing his bed to be washed to THIS? I wish Dennis would just come home and re-think this whole thing. How does the guy with no head get his helmet to sit on his shoulders? Theres a good one for you.

    Cheers and confusion,



  3. At least you’re obedient Dennis. Some dogs don’t know the meaning of the word silence. Like for example… The rotten little yappy mongrel terrier next door to us that hardly ever shuts up.


  4. Well, a spud peeler won’t protect D. Tater from the secret weapon, but if Dennis can grow a fast thumb he may yet conquer. Maggie the Vizsla


  5. Tater tots? Abby and I would be more than happy to help eradicate them for you… Mmmm. Tater tots… 😉 Mom was most amused by the Twisted Sister cameo. (And less amused by the Richard Marx cameo – because apparently now she’s got “that damn song” in her head… We have no idea what she’s talking about…)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


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