8 thoughts on “It Don’t Mean Nothing

  1. How can I like this post?? I can’t even begin to understand it! Who is that kid, “Richard Marx”, looks like any sulky kid off the street. Why is Dennis constantly barking? Why is the mouse the only one who figures things out. What is Darth Tater gonna do with that kid’s belt? You just have to clarify things a little.
    Oh yeah, where is the Beautiful Trixie???

    Stella (and Zkhat)


  2. Yeah, where IS Trixie? Or has she finally just washed her paws of you and is off patrolling her now much safer yard? However, I’m telling ya – you would have been much better off if MacGyver had let you use his stargate to dial home – then you’d be far, far away from Darth Tater… 😉

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  3. Oh Dennis… this is a SMASHING Slice of your new ADVENTURE. I am just lovin this.. Of Course I don’t UNDERSTAND any of it… BUTT I Love it anyway.
    Maybe since it is MARCH.. that “GUYfur” fella should be askin fur Corned beef and Cabbage instead of Sauerkraut. OKAY, bye!!!


  4. I’m not really convinced that “Richard Marx’s” belt & guitar strings really worked. I think someone turned off the force field because they were sick of all your barking Dennis. Good job!!!


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