Flashback Sunday: The Adventure of the Nibbled Chicken

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel for this weeks rerun the nice peepul at random.org hav selekted this post in witch tucker pretends that he is not the wun hoo tried to steel the chikkin frum the sink for shaym tucker!!!!  shaym shaym shaym oh hay wow luk its a pikcher of me with a grappling hook how awsum is that???  ok bye

The Adventure of the Nibbled Chicken

Hello, good readers. This is Tucker the Vizsla. Recently, some scurrilous rumors and dubious video footage has surfaced purporting to show me trying to get at a chicken that Mama was defrosting in the kitchen sink. But do these rumors hold up to scrutiny? Let’s investigate.

Let us begin by examining the scene of the so-called crime. I have prepared this helpful chart to demonstrate just how tall the kitchen sink is.

Compare this to a picture of me:

As you can see, the kitchen sink is far too tall for me to have any chance whatsoever of successfully stealing chicken out of it. I am at most eight inches tall at the shoulder, while the sink is nearly as high as the famous Empire State Building. Clearly, there is no way that I could have eaten the chicken that was defrosting inside. And as for the video of me allegedly attempting to steal more chicken, let’s take a look at what I was really doing:

Now that I have demonstrated that I did not and could not steal the chicken, the question becomes: Who did? Obviously only the most skilled second-story man would be able to pull off such a caper. It would require precision timing, incredible endurance, perfect balance, and amazing reflexes. In short, it would require … an athlete. And who around here just recently boasted of his athletic prowess? That’s right — my so-called brother, Dennis the Other Vizsla. And as you can see in the following photograph, Dennis has access to both a ninja suit and an air-powered grappling hook gun. No doubt he is about to fire his hook into the sink so that he can pull himself up and steal whatever yummy treats Mama may have left in it today.

The evidence is incontrovertible — Dennis is the sneak sink thief, not me. Q.E.D. — the case of the nibbled chicken is closed.

Elementary, my dear Trixie. Elementary.

10 thoughts on “Flashback Sunday: The Adventure of the Nibbled Chicken

  1. Of course the REAL Proof of Who Did It.. is in the residual TOOTING! I’m just sayin.
    Ok, Bye.


  2. I have to follow along with what the Beautiful Trixie says, and its clear Tucker has confessed to her on the day he did it!

    ‘Fess up, Tucker!




  3. Dennis
    I’m so sowwy that I haven’t visited you fow so vewy long, but I’ve been twying to meet all the Vizslas in boo da Pest lately, hehe
    I loved that flashback..Tuckew did make a good case and you awe tewwibully athletic and well, thewe’s that gwappling hook, hmmmmm
    smoochie kisses


  4. I think we need to hear Dennis’ version of the story before we rush to any conclusions. We’re no strangers to the wily ways of senior dogs here at our house!

    P.S. Where did Dennis get his waterbed in the Flyball post? We need one of those for Kuster!

    P.P.S. WordPress hates us again!


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