me vs the room wot moovs the reevendj!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel the astoot nice reeder may remember that a fyoo yeerz ago i did battel with the room wot moovs at the bilding ware tucker goze to git his chi … chiro … wel ennyway that is ware he goze to git his bak wurkd!!! for those of yoo hoo do not remember it go chek it owt their ar menny pikchers and viddyos of the terror that wuz the room wot moovs!!! i wil wayt heer for yoo to git bak!!!

now of korse my battel with the room wot moovs duz not git as mutch press as my battels with santa and nindja hedjhogs and darth tater and wotnot but that duz not meen my battels with the room wot moovs hav ended far frum it in fakt chek owt this viddyo of me vs the room wot moovs wot dada tuk yesterday with his iphone wot luks like a tardis!!!

did yoo see that??? i rode in the room wot moovs all the way frum the sekund floor to the first floor!!! and i got owt of it alive!!! lets go to the play by play!!! ok so heer i am wayting payshently for the door to open on the room wot moovs come on room wot moovs show me wot yoo got!!!

open the door mama!!! i am not afrayd!!!

ok now heer yoo can see the room wot moovs has opend its doors to let me in watch owt room wot moovs heer comes dennis the vizsla dog!!!

hmm nuthing in heer ekspet room wot moovs stuff like buttons

 having thus enterd the room wot moovs i now ekspekt to be rewarded for it!!!

nom nom nom

reealizing it can no longer terrorize me or hold me prizzoner the room wot moovs opens its doors to let me go so that it can lie in wayt for its nekst viktim!!!  maybe wun wot is not as brayv as i am!!!


the room wot moovs has ben defeeted!!!

talk to the tail cuz the rest aint lissening!!!

and so dennis the vizsla dog wunse more emerdjes viktoryeeus!!!  ok bye

15 thoughts on “me vs the room wot moovs the reevendj!!!

  1. BaaaaaWaaaaah… Talk to the Tail !! You REALLY did show the room what moves a thingy or two about trying to terrorize you!! I think you are SO brave my furend.
    BUTT now let us think back to that Swimming Pool experience that I seem to recall. Today the Room what Moves… Tomorrow the Whirlpool of Death!!
    I am VERY much PROUD of you my furend.


  2. OMD you are soooo brave! I will NEVER step foot in one of those again! They are the only thing worse than stairs! I am super impressed that you won your battle though! Say, I have the same harness I think- the ezydog one. Only mine is black and moose sized. Does it maybe give you special powers in defeating rooms wot moves? Still, no way am I gonna try it!


  3. Nice work Dennis! We have never encountered one of those ‘rooms wot moves’ and never hope to. We’ve heard nothing good about them. Now, if it was the Tardis, we’d SO be there (and we can totally kick K-9’s metal butt, BTW). But regular rooms wot move? No thank you. But, you, Never Give Up – and we’re impressed with your tenacity.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


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