the sumthin of sumbuddy or other!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay sorry abowt last week dada is so layzee sumtimes!!! fortchoonatly i hav ben aybel to gilt him into helping me this week and its a gud thing becuz it is the klash of the titans ludo versus kirk chek it owt!!!

uh oh i am not shoor wot trixie wil do to me if kirk and ludo git into a big fite in the bakyard i hope they wil beehayv!!!

so far so gud!!!

hmmm i git the feeling that kirk is gonna be starting sumthing

my ekspert skilz as a negoshiator do not seem to be up to the task of settling there dispyoot!!! fortchoonatly tho kirk has a surprize diplomatik inishyativ up his sleev!!! so to speek!!!

Momentarily …

wow that wuz the most eksiting arm ressling match sinse the faymus silverster stallone dokyoomentry over the top wot wuz abowt professhunal arm ressling!!!

Momentarily …

oops there goes kirks other arm!!! and wow is it just me or did the smel of testosterone bak here just dubble???

oh boy i think we mite be gitting reddy to throw down heer in the bakyard after all!!! ok bye

9 thoughts on “the sumthin of sumbuddy or other!!!

  1. That Khan has more Wrath than testosterone.. I think all Cap’n Kirk needs to do is splash him with some Old Spice… nooooooo that won’t wurk.. what with BOTH his arms in Kasts. Maybe he could SIP it up and Spit it on Khan. NO that woodn’t wurk.. Kirk would just Drink it. Denniz I think you are Duuuuuumed.


  2. I always like it better when the beautiful Trixie is running the ops. Dennis, go find her and she will know what to do.



  3. Dennis
    wif the wesults of that thwowdown and Twixie about to hold yoo wesponsibull, I think it might be a gweat time fow yoo to come visit me in Hungawy and look up yoow ancestowies
    smoochie kisses


  4. That is quite the spectacular example of millinery Kirk is sporting there! Wow! Who knew Kirk would be defeated so easily? This might be your cue to get outta Dodge, er, the back yard, Dennis! I think Trixie is not going to be pleased…


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