Observed Around The House

Fish Heads: The 1980 Music Video

9 Comments on “Observed Around The House

  1. Was this made on the tour with Capt.Kirk and the rest of the “musicians”????


  2. LOVE that SONG!! I could ROLL ON UM ALL DAY…. Sniff SniFFFF SNIFFFFFFF OH the AROMA!!! RUN ERNIE… Here comes MOM…and she has the Shampoo


  3. Dennis, I think you’re going to have to bedazzle those earmuffs or something to turn them into a fashion trend, but I think if anybody can do it, it’s you! This could be bigger than that Viagra sale you tried to start a while back!


  4. Camp Pendleton at it again? When Sean lived in San Clemente, hearing the bombs going off was slightly unsettling to him, too.
    That Fish Heads video is pretty damn trippy. Thanks for the visit back to the 80’s.


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