Trixie Tuesday: To The Harbor

hello gentle readers.  this is the beautiful trixie.  this weekend i got to go to the harbor with dada and pippier all on my own, with no crazy red dogs.  this is so unusual that i just had to tell you about it.

the harbor, mysteriously free of red dogs.

at first i thought there might be some mistake and that the crazy red dogs would be descending on me at any moment. but that never happened.

i’m sure there must be crazy red dogs around here somewhere.

instead i got to walk around and sniff things at my own pace, without having to put up with tucker yammering for us to stop so he could sit on someone’s lap and without dennis thinking it was a monster every time a boat made a creaking noise out in the marina.  he insists that monsters make creaking noises when they’re trying to sneak up on you.  i think he has seen too many haunted house movies.

this grass smells very interesting.
this dirt smells very interesting.
still no red dogs.

i even got to meet a few other dogs, like this little old cocker spaniel. she had a friend who was a black dog like me but her friend didn’t want to say hello.

i’m sure dennis would have found this terrifying.

we walked for a while and i got warm because dada can be a bit of a ditz and forgot to bring water for me. fortunately one of the restaurants at the harbor had a water bowl set out for dogs like me whose dadas have memory issues. to make up for forgetting the water, dada took me to … an ice cream shop!

somebody made a mess on the floor. it wasn’t me.

after borrowing some money from pippier, because apparently dada can’t remember to visit the atm either, dada disappeared into the ice cream shop for a few minutes, and came back with a tiny little bowl.

is that for me? that’s for me, right? for me? mine? my ice cream? ice cream? for me?

it was all for me! dada did not even eat a little bit of it!

the world is not upside-down. dada just doesn’t know how to hold an iPhone while he takes pictures.

okay, dada, i forgive you for forgetting to bring the water. mostly.

after that, dada thought i looked tired, so i waited with pippier for dada to go get the car and bring us home. dennis said he smelled ice cream on my breath, but i denied everything. no one will believe anything dennis says, anyway, what with all the crazy stories he likes to tell.

back on the cool tile, staring at the hill through the back door. the perfect end to a lovely afternoon.

i have to say, i hope mimmier and pippier come back more often so i can go on more harbor walks without the crazy red dogs. it’s good for my zen.

14 Comments on “Trixie Tuesday: To The Harbor

  1. Trixie, I think you should have a day of your own every week! It sounds like a pretty perfect day to me, except for the forgetting the water part. I guess you have to forgive humans since they seem to have so many things to think about. I know I enjoyed hearing about your day with no red dogs. It sounds like a day for me without Shepherds! Heaven! I hope my humans are reading this and taking notes for next weekend. You got ice cream and I got a stupid bath!

    ~~ Bunny


  2. well FINALLY you got your fair share of the good life, Trixie. it is about time!! glad that you had a grrrrreat time even though you nearly died of thirst.


  3. Dear Friend Trixie: I am so happy you had this lovely day out with dada and whoever pippier is(maybe your grandpa?) and NO RED DOGS. I don’t know how you put up with those loony brothers of yours, but you are mostly gracious about them. It was very hot here yesterday, so I just stayed home in front of the fan. Hope you get more days without the RED DOGS, that would be a treat for all of us.



  4. No red dogs! How awesome is that?!? You definitely need more red dog-free days out on your own. No aliens, no monsters behind every lamp post, no need to have the food wagons follow you so Tucker won’t starve. Sounds heavenly! And ice cream, too! Even better!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  5. Sounds like the perfect day Trixie, no crazy red dogs, and ice cream just for you. I’d say, even if he’s a bit forgetful, seems like you got a good dada there, who loves to spoil you!


  6. Trixie, I drove right by you on Saturday on my way to Fallbrook! I THOUGHT I saw you from the freeway!


  7. Miss Trixie! What a most excellent day with no red dogs. It is all about YOU! That is for sure. Sorry dada is a ditz. At least you got some ice creams.



  8. Trixie- I am happy for you. My mom says my predecessor, Chips, loved ice cream best of all. I’m partial to muffins, myself. Maggie the Vizsla.


  9. This review is only for their durian ice cream: It is not authentic – smells artificial and looks artificial. The place looks nice though.


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