fetch friday!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo may hav seen sum viddyo of me sort of lying arownd wile a littel girl rolls my eerz up but wot yoo did not see is why i wuz so sleepy chek it owt!!!

thats rite there wuz lots of tugging and fetch playing going on before that!!! so despite how it may hav appeerd i wuz not just beeing lazy i had wurkd hard before that!!! and of korse theres nuthing like a gud rubdown after eksersizing!!!

and i got a multikolord laurel to ware too!!! i think that meenz i wun a gold medal in tugging and fetching!!! ha ha ok bye

11 thoughts on “fetch friday!!!

  1. You need to post a warning when there are squeekies in the video – I was nearly knocked out of my chair by Monty who thought he would steal it from you! Cute videos!



  2. What a totally sweet little girl you had to play with. Making sure you were comfy after all that fetching work. Where do you get little girls like that? I ask my Mom all the time for a little person to live with us, but no, we can’t get one. The OP pack has many of them, some boys and some girls. If you find out, Dennis, let me know right away, will you? Be sure and ask your dada, he must know.



  3. Wow! Youzz said you were at zzz spa. Youzz ben at Little Z Girl Boot Camp!!! Food must bee good. Youzz running looks great. Youzz a tough boy!
    Vegas, Zippy, Zoom


  4. You sure did get lots of exercise with your little friend, tugging and jumping and running! It’s great that you were able to play with her while Trixie kept watch out for scary things the whole time. She takes her job pretty seriously, like our Leah. 🙂


  5. Dennis, you got quite the workout from that sweet little girl, even some hurdles in the yard. She sure wanted you to put your head on that pillow – did no one warn her about what happens to pillows when you are there? BOL

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  6. Dennis, you deserved a medal for a lot of reasons! It looks like that girl was trying to teach you what pillows are really for. They’re pretty good for sleeping on when you leave the stuffing inside them!



  7. My mama says her connection is too slow to watch videos but ear-rolling sounds like fun. I need me a little girl. I am getting too old for running games. Maggie the Vizsla


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