me vs the kranky turtel!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo may hav herd abowt a turtel wot wuz taypd to sum balloons heer in oshunside wel it terns owt he is sum sort of intrepid eksplorer turtel and is also verry kranky chek it owt!!!

i tried to git the skoop on the hole stuk in a tree thing but the turtel stedfastly denize that it wuz him!!!

hmm i wunder if i shud ask if he nos the faymus sooper hero turtel gamera ha ha

it seems like the turtel duznt reely want to tawk to me ennyway!!!

i think i wood hav notisd it if their wer turtels floating arownd on balloons in the joorassik peeryod!!!  i think the turtel is mayking things up!!!

wel ennyway i gess we wil never lern the troo storry of how the turtel got stuk in a tree!!!

but then agin maybe we wil!!!  ha ha ok bye

11 thoughts on “me vs the kranky turtel!!!

  1. Just because the turtle is slow and helpless, it is not right for people to take advantage of him, taping him up and attaching balloons, Dennis, how would you like it if someone taped you up and attached balloons and sent you flying. Yeah, well, you probably would but most peoples and animals WOULD NOT!

    If I come back as a turtle, I hope its a Snapping Turtle so I can take care of myself and bite the fingers off people who try to mess around with me.



  2. I wonder if that turtle has a pilot’s license and FAA clearance. I’m also shocked to see the mouse selling turtle rides! If it were Dennis, well, I would expect that, but the mouse seemed to have more sense before this! I guess all’s well that ends well!



  3. Dennis – I’m so glad those balloons didn’t pop. You didn’t even have your headphones on. How scary would that have been? Glad the turtles evil plan was foiled by the wind.


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