the tortiss and the hair!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel that uninvited gest the turtel shoor has been making a noosanse of himself laytly chek it owt!!!

i am not shoor how to git rid of the turtel sinse he is obviusly verry old and verry wise and verry much likes to float owt of reetch!!! if ennywun has enny sugjestchuns i wood luv to heer them!!! ok bye

Later …

13 Comments on “the tortiss and the hair!!!

  1. OK here is what I would do, I would use a scissor and cut the strings holding the balloons on his back, THEN I would find a deep sided, slick, wading pool and put him in there with a bit of water, go visit him now and then feed him turtle food. He is stuck with t hose short stumpy legs and can’t get out, you are free of him flying around, doing who knows what in your house. Just a thought, Dennis.



  2. I’m voting for a spitball gun to pop those balloons one by one. Just remember, Dennis, anytime that rabbit appears, you end up in a jail cell!



  3. I think everyone should have a floating turtle, I think it adds to the room. :+) I really like the cover of your new book by the way, very cool!


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